This past Sunday my mom and I headed into NYC to scope out the Architectural Digest home design show.  We took a look the Dining by Design winners, the vendor showroom and the artist gallery.  We met some fabulous companies and saw some AMAZING tabletop designs!  Here are some of my favorites! Read More »

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Whenever I watch Victorian era films (as I did this weekend), I’m always captured by the costumes and lifestyle. From the 1845 to 1915, the rising rich entrepreneurial class surrounded themselves with beautiful wood furniture and lavish homes. There was so much elegance to the Victorian lifestyle. I just enjoy watching the set designs from scene to scene. From velvet chairs to the lush rugs, this social class spared no expense. As the graduer architecture and decor of the 19th century Victorian style inspired me this weekend, I hope this board does the same for you. Read More »

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For Japan With Love


We’ve had a busy day today here at TLH, but before the clock sticks midnight, we wanted to do one more update.

I’m sure you’ve all seen the devastation in Japan and heard about all the lives affected and/or lost. We’re saddened by all the horrific news and images we’ve seen all over the internet and the news. So, tomorrow, we’re going to be participate in the Bloggers Day of Silence in recognition of all those that have lost their lives and all who have been affected.

Bloggers Day of Silence is part of a campaign called “For Japan with Love” brought to the blogsphere by Utterly Engaged and Ever Ours. Basically, tomorrow – Friday, March 18th – do not post at all on your blog. So, you won’t see any updates from us here at TLH tomorrow in honor of this event.

All bloggers can participate in this event. You can go to their link for Bloggers Day of Silence for more details.

If you don’t have a blog, but would like to participate, this event is two-parts. There’s also a fundraiser piece. You can go to For Japan With Love for more info. There will be a direct link on the website to the fundraising page for ShelterBox. Per Ever Ours, ShelterBox was one of THE first organizations asked by Japan to help and were on hand on the Saturday after the quake. Each large, green ShelterBox is tailored to a disaster but typically contains a disaster relief tent for an extended family, blankets, water storage and purification equipment, cooking utensils, a stove, a basic tool kit, a children’s activity pack and other vital items. Please check it out and whatever you can contribute is appreciated.
The third way you can help the cause is by volunteering your time at any organization working to help the cause or you could even start your own cause or fundraiser. There are no limits for those that want to help everyone in Japan.
We hope you’ll find some way to participate. If you have a story on what you’re doing, please feel free to leave us a message in the comments area.

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So we FINALLY heard back from the seller’s attorney today… PHEW! Well it is all good news!  She reviewed, commented, met with an electrician and plumber, agreed to fix a fence and gate, an offered us some mullah back so that we can continue to fix a few of the larger items on the list.  She did not however agree to fix the gutters or siding of the house.. which (besides the electrical panel) was my biggest concern… However, with knowledge in hand about the siding (which is all cedar plank) see image below ~ which is NOT our house, but just an example of what cedar plank looks like.


I think that if after clean the gutters, clear some small but tall trees and move the downspouts away from the house we dont see an improvement we will need to invest some major $ into fiber-cement siding ~ which is awesome!  It was made popular by this guy, James Hardie.. so one of the most popular brands is called “hardiplank”.  I did a little bit of searching and pricing around for people in my area who do this sort of thing and think I found the right guy, but won’t know for sure until we are in the house and get an estimate if we are going to need to splurge on this outdoor project or if we can wait for a bit to get it done. BUT the benefit to fiber-cement siding is that it is virtually maintenance free, lasts MUCH longer then wood siding, and unlike vinyl is not bad for the environment.  Below is a composite of a ranch home ~ not OUR ranch home (I wish!) but just one on the James Hardie website.. where you can play around with style homes, colors, and different hardiplank options… Ohh.. Im in siding heaven! :)  I THINK we might want to go with… as long as it looks good in person..our house to be is set in a much more wooded surrounding…

I’d love to hear your thoughts on both types of siding.. ceder vs fiber-cement. Also if anyone has a fiber-cement home, please let me know what you think!  leave a comment! :)

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Link Love 3/17/11


Afternoon All!  Some weekly Link Lovin’ for you all to enjoy! Sooo I opened up my google reader this AM to find some AMAZING design and before & afters…

1st up! On Desire to Inspire is an amazingly gorgeous (if you ask me) unique kitchen designed by Hare + Klein Interior Design.  If I ever get to live in a loft like space, Im having a kitchen like this! I really love the dark wood beams mixed with the stainless steel and the lamps just complete the kitchen. LOVE IT!

2nd.  While this is not necessary a design that inspires, but more so another blogger couple whom def. inspire me! younghouselove was featured in The Washington Post, so I wanted to give them a special woot woot shout out! Check it out!

next up is a fun one from Casasugar on photos of Tiny Houses! I have this thing for small space living.. while I am not sure that my at home photography studio and Mr. McMorg’s computer habit would be able to do it.. I would like to pretend we could. I mean we DID live an 650 sq foot apt for 6years..but we eventually needed at least a 2nd bedroom! originally found via Home Decor News

And last but certainly not least is a Before & After kitchen from Design Sponge that I really  loved as soon as I saw it.  Originally posted by the lovely folks at Dream Book Design. I just love the brick, dark wood floors and those old skool stools for the island are just awesome!


If you have any links you love and want to share, please leave some of your favs. in our comments so that we all can be inspired!  Or if you have a project you would like to have featured on This Lovely Home, email me;

Have a great day and hope you enjoyed!

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Ugg, Waiting!



Hi All

As some of you might have known this past week at sxsw for the interactive conference chatting it up with other bloggers, social networker, tech-geeks (I can say husby is one of them!) and more!  In the meantime I forced myself not to bug my lawyer every day to ask him if he has heard back from the seller on our potential new place!  We mailed out our letter of requested fixes to the seller over 12days ago! Apparently she is willing to make the changes but we have no idea what is going on ~ as this is all hear-say from one real estate agent to another!  Soooo.. in the meantime we are filling your eyes and minds with some beautiful designs, inspiration boards, idea’s and more! Some photos of McMorg and I from Austin! ENJOY! Read More »

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items listed from L-R top-Bottom

In honor of Austin, the land of Mid-Century modern (which I love!), I decided to inspire you all with some simple, MCM living room inspiration.  MCM design pulls from many different color palettes, but overall they use lots of clean, simple lines, graphic patterns, and beautiful mid-tone woods.  This was the time period of the sputnik light fixtures, Eames lounger chair, long, low banquettes and more! Read More »

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Many people see blue and think about  baby boys and baby showers. But, what about using it around your home? Blue when chosen well within your home, can bring a wonderful feeling of relaxation and calmness to your mind. And while we’re a little partial to blue, we couldn’t help but share these lovely photos with you. We’ve chosen a nice palette of blues to continue with our Spring feeling. Read More »

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Link Love! 3/11/11



Happy Friday Everyone!! Some Link Lovin’ for you all to enjoy!  Read More »

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As promised! Here’s our second post to your satisfy your palettes for the afternoon. Enjoy!

With Spring around the corner we’re starting to see livelier colors outdoors and at stores, so we thought it would be nice way to start off our Spring with the color green. Using lime green as our color of the day, we find that it’s an easier transition for some people to add color to their homes without going with the traditional neutral colors. Read More »

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