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Giving you a happy tip this tuesday – go for a bike ride. Read More »

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Happy Memorial Day weekend! Hope you’re all BBQ-ing or just enjoying time with family on this beautiful day with some great grub.

I’m giving you mudroom’s on today’s inspiration design board. It’s a room that has always evaded me. I’d love to have a mudroom, but just don’t have any spare room or space for one. During my search for the perfect mudroom, I discovered one thing. You DON’T need an entire room dedicated for a mudroom. All you need is a wall dedicated for it. Here’s a mudroom closet I found on re-nest. So ingenious. Read More »

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Hi Guys!

With the holiday weekend starting today I thought it might be fun to show you how my other half lives :)  The half of me that is a professional event/family photographer :)

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The word gold when standing alone expels extravagance. Some may even think it cannot be used in the home simply because they think it’s too “fancy”. But really the color gold is just a deeper hue or richer shade of yellow and so can easily be embraced in your home with just the right balance. This week, we share with you rooms that live with the color gold in all its simplicity. Read More »

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Tip Tuesday 5.24.11



You know what day it is – Tuesday. Our tip today – do some yoga because it can make you feel wonderful! Read More »

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Besides a library in my home, I’d really love a master bathroom. And I mean a real full-on master bathroom, not just a 1/2 bath or a tiny bathroom with just the sink, tub and toilet. I blame this “want” on living in California for nine years where almost every home I’ve ever seen or lived in has a beautiful and large master bathroom. So for my inspiration design board today, I searched for things that might inspire my future master bathroom.

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FINALLY we have a date set!  I promise AS SOON as the place is ours photos will be shown and we can get down to biz!  In the meantime, I am starting to get excited again about what we needs to be done ~ which in all honesty is almost EVERYTHING!  Here are a list of some of the up and coming immediate projects we need to work on

The backyard is a pit of dirt ~ so we want to change that as soon as we can since it IS summer and we have a pool

the pool needs to fixed a pipe needs to be re-routed so we dont use the broken heater and the filter needs to be replaced

need to build a small retaining wall by the patio so that it has more support the owner tore out all the flowers that were planted and in return the root system is gone and the dirt has just washed down

electrical panel needs to be replaced

we want to put pot lights and fans (I know, I know FANS!) but they REALLY help cool a house down without using too much engery

we also need to do some MAJOR tree removal ~ when we finally get to show you some photos you will see why.

AND we need to fix the downspouts and clean the gutters ~ good thing I bought a livingsocial deal for a local gutter cleaning company! hehe ~ I was thinking ahead!

So that is only the start of the list! we havent even gotten to the kitchen, 70s carpet and bathroom and the basement!  I think we need to try and get onto HGTV or DIY Network! haha!


Happy weekend everyone!

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There is a color that is often over looked because it is seen as dark and somber. Many feel it cannot be utilized in their home because they believe it’s morbid. We’re talking about the color black. Certainly known at it’s best as the arch opposite of white which  is seen as clear, clean and crisp – angelic.

When done properly, black most certainly can be incorporated into your home. It’s sleek, chic and classy. Here are some rooms I found that give great design appeal. Read More »

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I love spending time in my yard. It’s one of the reasons why E.T. and I chose to live in the suburbs – to have a yard. I spent a lot of time in my yard during my pregnancy. I would have been completely bored out of the mind during my pregnancy if it were not for my yard. I think a staple for any yard is a nice comfy bench, so this week, I chose to like outdoor benches and share with you the ones I’ve found.

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Tip Tuesday 5.17.11



Tippin it Tuesday!

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