Happy Halloween! With this fun day upon us, I thought I’d share a design board inspired by Halloween today. Enjoy! Read More »

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I was reading a few magazines the other day with paint color still on my mind due to my basement/office remodel. I have one wall painted, but I’m just not motivated to move on and paint the rest of the room. The magazine articles inspired me to look at some Behr paint colors using their visual color center on their website. After staring at a variety of colors that I thought might match the paint on my one wall, I stumbled over Apricot Flower and decided to feature it as our Living with Color profile this week. Read More »

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Perhaps it’s the vacation photos I see all the time or the victorian movies of kings and queens, but there’s something about four poster beds with canopies. So, I found some lovely four poster beds with canopies to share with you this week.

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Hello there! It’s Tuesday which means we have a tip for you today.

Tip of the week:

Save on your electricity bill by unplugging electronics not in use whenever you can.

We know it’s difficult to keep everything unplugged, so we suggest doing this with your kitchen appliances when they’re not in use during the day. Not only will you save on your bill, but you’ll also help the environment.

Happy Tuesday!

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I think I’ve mentioned before I’m remodeling my basement, which is also my crafting space. And because crafting is also my business, the basement is also my office area. Minus the futon in the basement, by the end of next week, I’ll have claimed the entire basement as my office which has been a long time coming. We’ve just had so much stuff stacked everywhere. ┬áNow that the new tiles are done and I’ve setting up some of my desk space and the computer desk. And while I’m happy with the set up thus far, I’m not happy with the asthestics because they’re just not complete. So this week’s inspiration design board is dedicated to what I’d like my office space to look.

I found a couple craft spaces I like and wanted to share with you this week. What I like about each of these spaces is how organized and clean looking they are. Plus, there’s definitely efficiency in the setup and things used.

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Instead of doing our usual Color post this week, I decided to do a gardening post … it is afterall, Fall now and it’s important we tend to our yards and gardens.

I’m on the Home Depot Garden Club mailing list and received a really great post card in the mail about Fall preparation so I want to share it with you since I’m not gardening expert. Here’s a list of things you should be doing if you live in the North East NJ region:

1. Plant – It’s the ideal time to plant. Trees and shrubs always benefit from transplanting during fall’s ideal growing conditions. Begin to plant spring blooming bulbs like daffodils and tulips.

2. Spruce up your lawn – Whether over seeding, aerating, dethatching or completely tearing out the lawn and replacing it, the weather now will help you succeed.

3. Don’t prune spring-blooming shrubs – They won’t bloom well next spring if pruned anytime other than right after they bloom.

4. Plant fall flowers and deadhead others – Autumn means mums. Welcome the season with gorgeous bursts of chrysanthemum color.

5. Plan for spring – Prepare any new beds for spring. Loosen soil, remove sod or cover areas not to be immediately planted with landscape fabric. Much and edge new beds.

6. Begin winter prep – As temperatures drop, bring houseplants back inside. Check them for insects first. Dig up tender bubls for winter storage indoors. Stop fertilizing and reduce watering in late September, allowing plants to naturally slip into winter dormancy.

Good luck and happy gardening!

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Happy Tuesday! We love giving tips here at This Lovely Home.

Our tip this week:

Save water in your home when washing dishes – turn on the water to rinse only. Turn if off when soaping your dishes.

This way you’re not wasting the water by allowing it to run.

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I recently discovered I like a new pattern … paisley. It caught my eye when I was looking for fabric to make pillows, bags and blankets. I’m a big fan of handmade things and giving them as gifts. And so with paisley on my mind all weekend, I wanted to share with you some things I found that were inspired by it. Read More »

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When decorating your home, painting a room can make a big difference. After all, there are so many different hues of paint to choose from. But what if I told you to forget the paint and try something else? What would come to your mind on how to add color to a room?

This week’s Living With Color is about the 7 ways you can add color to a room. Read More »

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Growing up with an older brother, we shared rooms until he became a teenager. To save on space, we shared a bunk bed that we still have today. In fact, we kept it in the family all these years and now my nephew is using one of the bunks while his cousin is using the other at her home. We’ll soon get them both back under one roof if Reilly has a sibling, but for now, our loving bunk beds are in good use. Bunk beds have always been a favorite type of bed of mine, so I decided to dedicate this week’s “Rita Likes” to bunk beds. Read More »

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