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Last Monday started the Lunar New Year celebrations. Due to the craziness of last week, we didn’t get to post anything special for the occasion. And since the New Year is celebrated for 15-30 days depending the culture, today we decided to dedicate our inspiration design board to a dining room with some red & gold accents. After all, all it takes to brighten up a room can be colored accents. Read More »

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This is what I was hoping to avoid… Having a cold while Remy was still little! But Nooooo the winter gods have something else in store for me!  Anyways, I am doing my darned-est to avoid getting her sick. Here is what I am doing to get better as well as to hopefully keep her cold-free!

- Gargling 2-3 or even 4! times a day with Listerine ~ This REALLY helped get rid of my sore throat!  I am going to do this every day for the rest of my life to keep my sore throats away! haha

- using a nasal saline (only at night) because after doing much research I found that a saline is better for the babe then taking something orally ~ esp. since I am still BF-ing

- drinking lots of tea ~ for me specifically Im drinking an organic “throat coat” tea and adding a bunch of honey

- eating an extra spoonful of honey before I start to drink the tea ~ honey is great for colds!

- drinking LOTS of water to stay hydrated and flush the cold out of my system

- washing and using purel like crazy on my hands

- sleeping in another room altogether

- having Morgan help me do the night feedings so I can rest and get better quickly

- not kissing her at all (which is near impossible! She is so darn kissable!)

- not really holding/snuggling her if I can esp. if someone else is around that can

While some of these things might seem obvious it is important to be reminded of how important they are for the well being of you and your little one.. Wish me luck!!!

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Remy in the Moby

So while I might not be the baby carrier expert I do find that it important to know which carriers are good for a little baby or newborn because not all carriers are created equal. I have found through some trial and error what works for Remy and I.. but also know there are many other options which I will try and touch upon a bit as well. Read More »

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So many paint options out there from company to company. Today, we decided to feature some color chips in a variety of brown shades we like from the Behr color chart. Read More »

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One of the perks of owning a house is the space to have a laundry room so you’re not toting all your dirty clothes to the laundromat. While it takes longer to do laundry at home since you only have one washer and one dryer, it’s nice being able to just throw laundry in to wash whenever you want. I do have a dedicated area for my laundry room sectioned off in my basement, but it’s not aesthetically where I want it. I’ve been dying to finish the walls, paint them and reorganize the entire little room, but it’s just not high on the priority list. That doesn’t stop me from checking out ideas though, so here are a few I found that I like. Read More »

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It is Tuesday and that means, we have a tip for you. Read More »

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When my little baby bird wont sleep I have a mix that I have so appropriately named “Remy to Rock” mix.  I know they all say classical music and lullaby’s but really if I hear twinkle twinkle one more time I will not be a happy camper! haha! So instead I put together a grouping of music that have a nice fun beat that helps me rock and jiggle my bird to sleep ~ I dont have to get too far into the mix before she is off to dreamland.  It’s pretty cute because I have been playing it since she came home from the hospital and I at least play the same song as the 1st one and her eyes almost always start to drop as I turn it on.. like she knows! In case you are interested here is my playlist ~ it may not be your type of music but I found the music with a good back beat worked best because I naturally had a good “jiggle” and/or swing going on with them instead of forcing it.  The trick is the right jiggle… so here is my list.. Plus the video from my #1 song

1. Stereo Hearts ~ Gym Class Hereos

2. These Words ~ Natasha Beddingfield

3. You Gotta Be ~ Desiree

4. I Want You Back ~ Jackson 5

5. Forget You ~ Cee Lo Green

6. Pumped Up Kicks ~ Foster The People

7. Father and Daughter ~ Paul Simon

8. California Gurls ~ Katy Perry

9. Rich Gril ~ Hall and Oats

10. Lady Madonna ~ The Beatles

11. Down ~ Jay Sean

12. Walking on Broken Glass ~ Annie Lenox

13. No One ~ Alicia Keys

14. Flake ~ Jack Johnson

15. Break Your Heart ~ Taio Cruz and Ludiacris

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While I havent been a mommy for very long (will be 2 months on tuesday 1/10/12) there are a few items I would HIGHLY recommend to any new mommy and daddy to be (or just started being:) ) Come on in and check out the list! Read More »

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Wow… 2012 is moving along. It’s already the second Tuesday of January! And you know what Tuesday means – another tip for you. Read More »

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