Pumping. Im over it


I hate it.  I do it every day, 4-5 times a day and every time I sit down on the couch with the thing all set up and ready to go I cringe.  Every day I tell myself today is the last day I can stand to do this. Yet I keep going. I dont know what compels me to keep moving forward day by day with those damn things on my boobs.. I know that my daughter is the reason… But I cant WAIT to stop.  Im tired of feeling like a cow and hanging around with my boobs out, and that machine making that sound, like a cow being milked.  My dreams of being able to just nurse my babe feel so far away and so many of my experiences nursing her have been more frustrating then joyous… what is a momma to do.

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It’s Tip Tuesday! Our tip today is for those who need some help getting ready for a party. Read More »

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The moments of quiet when I enjoy my little girl are priceless.   Read More »

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Making New Friends


Before Remy was born I had many of the same friends since grade school/HS.  Morgan even thought it was a bit crazy that I had stayed close to so many of them.  As the years went by and life changed I still had these friends we drifted a bit here and there but always found our way back to each other.  However as the time came for M and I to want to start to have a family my biggest fear was that these lifelong friends of mine would no long want me around. I found that for most of them, sadly this was true.  Jealousy, or lack of common interests became too big of a divide to continue to stay close, which was/is heartbreaking for me.  I did find that Remy brought some friends back around (which makes me cry with happiness)  However sad I am about those lost friendships I am so happy and excited about the REALLY AMAZING women I have come to meet since getting preggers and R. being born…women who have the same interests as I do.. whom I can complain about mommy stuff to, talk about my new fears, my daughters small but mighty accomplishments, women who are excited to see me and R.  I look forward to seeing these women every week and speaking with them online every day… They make the crappy days feel less crappy and the happy moments seem all that more momentous because I have them cheering for me in my corner, and me in theirs.  I am realistic, I know that some of us might grow apart as time progresses (which is ok if it happens) and others of us will stay lifelong adult friends.. who’s little ones will share in birthdays, slumber parties, vacations, stories, photos, phone calls, and more with my little Remy.  I look forward to sharing my life with these wonderful women for as long as we all need each other… and Im excited to one day look back as my mom and her friends whom I have grown up knowing do and tell stories about us all as babies to be able to do this with my friends and our babies.  Thanks ladies for finding me.

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Colorful material

When living with color, it’s not just about paint colors. You should also experiment with fabric colors. There are so many options out there you can pretty much find anything you like or find you like something you didn’t think you would.

Here are some moroccan textile fabrics we saw on Flickr Creative Commons.

Where can you find Moroccan fabric? Morocco Designs (and no, we don’t have any benefits from mentioning them – we just saw they have a wide selection of moroccan things at their website.

Do you have a love for Moroccan fabric? Or have some place where you purchase it? Email us at stacey@thislovelyhome.com

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With every kitchen comes the concern or storage. This week, I decided to focus on some kitchen pantries I’ve seen and love. Enjoy! Read More »

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Hello Tuesday! And of course, Tuesday means, Tip Tuesday. So, here’s what we have for you today: Read More »

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Having a babe is harder then I ever thought it would be.  It actually drives me crazy when I meet someone and they tell me “Cherish these moments, they go by so fast!” Well hell lady, Im ready… I know it sounds “mean” and dont get me wrong.. I love my munchkin to death and she has become the light of my life but Im ready for her to be a bit bigger and a somewhat older.. I want her to do something other then cry, sleep, eat, spit up, and poop… NEXT STAGE PLEASE! Maybe I just have a difficult or needy baby… but this stage of their lives is kinda boring. I can not WAIT for her to know Im saying her name, or to start to crawl, to eat something other then stinky formula or breast milk.. I am so excited for the moments when she and Morgan can really bond and he can finally, truly see the joys of having a baby and the up side to wanting to start a family.  Some days when she is being a disaster I think he will just leave (not really because he is good man and he loves us…but when it is hard it is hard) I dont for one second want these days to last longer then they are.  Im ready, excited and looking forward to a life filled with memories and I dont feel guilty to wanting to rush into it all and enjoying it all.

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Ever since my son, Reilly, was born, I’ve really grown to like the color orange. It started simply because he was born in the Year of the Tiger on our Chinese Zodiac and grew from there. I love the vibrance of the color and how happy it can make me feel when I see it. It’s really amazing what color can do. Read More »

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Today, we wanted to share some inspiration for you – don’t be afraid to live with color.

So, what are you afraid of?

Photo Credits: Houzz.com:

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