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Since this past week I was talking about starting Remy on solids it only seems appropriate that I show you a video of her eating for the 1st time :) ENJOY!

Remy Eating Take1 from stacey ilyse on Vimeo.

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Some advice to first time baby flying parents…Getting up at 4am and waking your sleeping baby to hop on a 7am flight to where ever you are going might not be the best choice.  Read More »

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I realized a while back that I have never been in our house ALONE since the baby has been born!   Read More »

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I was told by my ped that we can start R. on “solids” aka nasty rice cereal… Read More »

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AAAAHHH!!!!!! This is how I feel about my current baby sitter search!   Read More »

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My god am I sick of my freakin boobs!  BOOBS, BOOBS, BOOBS! I have come to realize that when you get in a room with a bunch of new moms yes of course we talk about our babies new achievements, weight, spit up, diapers, clothes, etc… however when 90% of these moms are also all breastfeeding/pumping the conversation always turns back to the boobs.  My life revolves around them.  When I need to pump them, how am I going to pump if R. is awake, did I make enough milk today, did she nurse well, my nipples hurt, my nipples dont hurt, my boobs look ugly, they look big, is the pump working well, is it clean, is it dirty, how long will BM last in the fridge, frozen, on the counter, and on and on and on.  I think that BF regardless as to if it is given to your babe in a bottle or nursing directly is a gift and a sacrifice on the mothers behalf.  On top of having to care for this new helpless human, you are also (at first) not getting enough sleep or even a chance to eat!  If you are at all like me, you arent getting a moment to relax because those free moments are stuck either working or with this milking devices on your chest.  I find that I am willing to talk about my boobs to just about anyone I meet that has had a baby in the last 30 years… they also feel it is ok to ask me about mine.  Im over it.  I want a new topic of conversation!  I want to wear a real bra and start to feel beautiful and sexy again.  I dont want to care about clogged ducts or any of that shit.  I think the boob milking cow days are coming to an end.  If I am able to nurse my baby in the mornings fine, great, Im there! If not then she will live… how many wonderful people, including my own husband never had a drop of breast milk and are exceptionally smart, healthy, strong, allergy-free people.  I have given up my body to this little girl for over a year already… now I want it back!

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It’s probably safe to say most homes have night stands. I have yet to visit a home that does have night stands present in at least one bedroom. And why not? They’re so useful for holding our alarm clock, phone, light, book… anything we want to keep by our bedside. Today, I decided to feature some night stands I’ve looked at in stores and on the internet. Read More »

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Baby Steps


I need to remember that my baby will be taking baby steps. I am a micro managing, self sufficient, strong willed, let’s do this now kinda gal. So the fact that my baby girl showed up early and wanted to get this show on the road does not surprise me. However the fact that she is a preemie is hard for me. I forget and get frustrated (not with her) but by the fact that while every other momma I have befriended (with the exception of 1 other) had a full term babe and their little one is meeting all their milestones with the greatest of ease and R. still struggles with many of these. The fact that she wasnt ready to start foods like a normal 4mn old, or that she doesn’t grab at things just yet, roll over or even to a side, could care less about seeing herself in the mirror, is just NOW starting to lift her head up during tummy time, etc… The one thing she does with the greatest of ease is talk and squawk at us… her daddy. I just have to remind myself every day as these things slowly start to emerge from her tiny little sweetness that she is growing and changing every day and that before I know it she will do these small tasks and I won’t be able to remember a time when she couldn’t..but for now the part of me that wants to move forward and go go go just has to be patient.

Remy Squawking from stacey ilyse on Vimeo.

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Hello Tuesday! So, what tip do we have for you today? Another laundry cleaning tip. Read More »

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My current truth



So my baby bird is now a 4mn old :) Read More »

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