I recently bought Miss Remy a yellow and black tank top for the summer over at Gymboree.  As her Aunt Ci-Ci would say.. she looks like a little BEE when she wears it! :) Read More »

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The Name Debate



There is this great scene in Father of the Bride 2 where they are talking about combining the last names and Steve Martin gets all bent out of shape about it and says something like, “Are you telling me I could have a grandchild named Sophie Zenkman?!?”  That sounded a lot like my mom when we told her we were giving Remy a new last name.  In case you werent aware Remy’s last name is 1/2 mine which is Weinberg and 1/2 Morgan’s which is Craft ~ making hers, Weincraft.     Read More »

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Do you ever have one of those days where you are just kinda feeling BLAH.  Yesterday was one of those days.  My baby was being a sweetie and doing absolutely nothing wrong, however I was getting frustrated that she was not wanting to keep her head up when I fed her, so in turn she got food everywhere ~ hence the need to clean her face, which results in a meltdown. Read More »

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My Sleeping Beauty



After the coveted “Are you breastfeeding?” question has been asked and answered I would say that next question to pop out of peoples mouths would have to be, “Are you getting any sleep?” or “Does she sleep through the night yet?”  I feel very blessed.  I can actually answer YES! For all of the frustrations that Remy has already put us through sleeping was one area that she decided to do ok with.  She wasnt (and still isnt) always a perfect sleeper.  There were MANY 3am screaming fests that lasted hrs on end but once she hit the 3 month marker (which adjusted age she would have been 1mn 3weeks) she started to give us longer stretches of sleep overnight.   Read More »

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Raising a Girl



I recently read an entry on Baby Center titled “5 Things I worry about Raising a Girl”.  I thought the article was eh, but more so I was interested in the comments parents had left… I haven’t worried about the issues that could arise raising R. for even one second… not because I think it will be easy, or that I am naive to think that she will not be faced with some of the obstacles they touched upon in the article such as puberty, sex, “mean girls” body image, and peer pressure.  However, how are these issues so different when raising a boy?   Read More »

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I did a bunch of research on Jumperoo’s and Excersaucer’s before purchasing the Fisher Price RainForest Jumperoo.  I considered the Laugh and Learn Jumperoo (also by Fisher Price) as well as the Excersaucer, possibly the triple fun jungle themed one by Evenflo and a few others as well.  I ultimately picked the Rain Forest Jumperoo for my Little Bird because we felt that it was a toy that she could grow into for a while and really enjoy!   Read More »

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At first I when I was admitted I wasnt too worried, I didnt really think she would be coming THAT day… but as the reality set in I started to panic!  All the things we had left behind or that I was still supposed to do were looming over me.  We had left the dog and did not have anyone to let him out today or watch him the days after she arrived, I didnt bring ANYTHING with me to the hospital, I had photo shoots lined up for THAT WEEK and the following, I still had weddings to edit and albums to work on, her room wasnt set up (neither was the house!) We never got to go to the breastfeeding class, I didnt get to take maternity photos, and the biggest one of all… Read More »

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Some of you may know how my Little Bird came into the world and other might not… so to be official Im going to give you all the details here and now! :)   I woke up one morning during my 35th week at 430am with extremely sharp pains on my right side ~ I wasnt sure what was going on but figured I would try to go to the bathroom, or switch sides, maybe try to stretch a bit thinking it was possibly round ligament pain or something I ate.  However, at 7am when the pain had not subsided (I could not stand up straight nor would it go away) I woke Morgan and told him he wasnt  to go into the city that day for work because I didnt feel well and thought I should go to the Dr’s when they opened.  I then called my Dr (I see Dr. Michael Sbarra who is located in Hackensack) ~ who promptly set up the 1st appointment for me of the day .

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I never had the chance to have maternity photos taken ~ Remy showed up 4 days before our scheduled shoot was supposed to take place.. I had all these grand plans of photos I was planning to take of myself each month so I could document the whole experience and how beautiful and sexy I was all preggers… nope, didnt really happen! Read More »

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This week marks the 1st week of my no more pumping. Of my moving forward, out of this 1st part of motherhood and into the next.  I was planing to continue to nurse my little bird in the mornings for as long as she and I wanted or for as long as I would produce milk for her but last week she went on STRIKE! Every morning we did everything as we normally would but she would cry when I tried to nurse her… So out came the pump and in went the bottle! Read More »

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