A few weeks back I saw on FB an ad for Jessica Alba’s new baby care product and diaper company, The Honest Company.  The ad was offering a set of free diapers and also also their skin care/body wash products for free if you pay the shipping.  So I figured, why not! I am 100% for using all natural, products on my little lady as well as biodegradable diapers.   Read More »

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It’s Wednesday’s and we are heading off to music class with Sean at Music for Aardvarks/A Hum Music


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I have recently become part of this great group called DailyBuzz Moms where they have great info and tips on all things mom.. as well as featuring 9 great blog entries a day for their Today’s Top 9.  ANYWAYS, I was selected to be part of their Super Special May 9×9, MAY FLOWERS feature and decided to write my entry while ALSO giving you all some inspiration and take your little ones outside and get some fabulous spring photos of them.  So here we go…  Read More »

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tricked you!

We have yet again hit another food road block with Remy.  This time it is a doozy.  She is OUTRIGHT REFUSING to drink from a bottle and/or sippy cup!  This adventure has been going on for a week now.  She was slowly refusing the bottle for about 3 weeks prior to this… then last Monday she shut her lips and thrust her body back started to wail and wail and wail!  If I tried to put the bottle in her mouth mid-wail she would just let the liquid sit at the back of her throat and when she sat up right would let it dribble down her chin, crying the entire time.   Read More »

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So cute! but we dont do this normally.. EVER!


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Ikea Toy Madness!



My good friend Rachel came over today.. we decided to take an impromptu trip over to Ikea.  The last time Rach had been to ikea she had an anxiety attack, I get it.  I felt that way after I had to go and spend COUNTLESS hrs. at ikea designing our kitchen.. but this time it was fun and easy for us all.. We had a goal in mind. PURCHASE CUTE TOYS FOR REMY! Read More »

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Wordless Wednesday


This is how this weather makes me feel…


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Since having Remy I have come to appreciate the adorable baby shots that friends and family post on Facebook.  I was never one of those mean old grinches who disliked the baby shots, but just never thought about them either way… But now that I post photos of my little one online almost daily I find that it is important to keep the photos as interesting as possible, who wants to see 800 photos of your baby sleeping or in your moby wrap!   Read More »

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Music For Aardvarksmail

Hi Everyone! Happy Monday! :) Tomorrow, I will be taking photos over at the Waldwick location of Music for Aardvarks for anyone who is interested!!!!! :) Click on the read more for details! Read More »

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Video of The Week!



I know my friend Lauren LOVES this video.. and since today is her Bday, I figured I would share it all with you today to make her 30th bday that much more fun!   Read More »

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