So Morgan and I think it is just adorable when we put a burp cloth on Remy’s head and she smiles and giggles pulling it off… BUT we think it is even funnier when we put in our own conversation for Remy’s thoughts… :)  Anyways… This video makes me smile I just love how she is so happy and then you can see how she starts to get a little annoyed haha!  My silly baby! Happy Friday everyone.. hope this makes you smile too!

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I struggle with this EVERY SINGLE DAY! I wouldnt say that I am lookin TERRIBLE.. but I am also probably about 5-10lbs more then I should or would like to be.  It isnt easy getting out the door to work out… esp if you have so many other things going on in your life.  I think one of the biggest changes we new moms need to readjust is our eating habits.  We just came off a 9mn food binge, where we could eat (almost) anything we liked and did not have to feel guilty about it!  For me, a salad LOVER I HATED leafy greens when I was preggers.. I actually hated even LOOKING at the kitchen. Read More »

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Here you go! ENJOY today’s WW! Read more and click the PLAY button on the last “image” to watch the fabulous slideshow!!! Read More »

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I’m not much of a wallpaper person. I cringed when I was looking at homes 12 years ago when almost every house we saw had the ancient 50s wallpaper in every room of the house. We had wallpaper in the kitchen of the house we ultimately bought and couldn’t wait to rip it all off. When we did, we found TWO more layers below the first! Took us hours to get it all off (thank goodness for DIFF). When a friend of mine suggested looking into wallpaper for our playroom, I hesitated at first, but decided to check things out just to see what’s out there. Read More »

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Ok, Todays tip isnt so much a how to tip, but really some AMAZINGLY cool options for you to scope out and possibly use for your fabulous INSTAGRAM photos that you take on your phone!

I have some grand plans when it comes to my instagram photos ~ I want to make a book, maybe some wall prints, I dont know! For not always taking and posting photos using the ever so popular app I have quite an obsession with it… and it was a big big PLUS for me when I decided to switch over to an iphone.  So I did a little digging since I wanted to be prepared for when I planned to do something really kick ass with my photos! Read More »

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Finding a balance



I’ve noticed that I am struggling to find a balance between my mom life, my work life, and my personal life.  To be completely honest, I never in a million years thought it would be this hard and I feel pulling a million directions.  I am loving every single second (when she isnt being a drama queen! haha) of being with my baby girl.  Yes, by the end of the day I cant wait for her to go to sleep so I can get some down time, however I almost always cant wait for the morning to come when we bring her bed with us and give that first bottle of goats milk ~ YES,  ITS A BOTTLE! woot woot! I then play with her, then feed her, and she within 2hrs goes down for a nap… which at this point almost every morning I start to feel overwhelmed.  ”What do I do first?” I say to myself… eat, shower, clean something in the messy house, deal with the people working on the backyard, OR sit at my computer and answer work emails, edit, design albums, OMFG! I HAVE NO IDEA! I have lost it before it all began! Read More »

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A few weeks back, I found myself at the NY Baby Show. While scouting the maze of parenting-related booths, I ran into a truly unique company called StoryKeep. I thought all of you would find their services really neat, so I wanted to share! StoryKeep records people’s life stories in audio and video and then weaves in photos, footage and memorabilia for family documentaries. I was happy to hear that they regularly work with a person’s existing photos and videos, using what you have to illustrate your stories. Their company is all about helping people preserve what’s most important and pass it on. I had the chance to speak with StoryKeep Cofounders Lisa Madison and Jamie Yuenger and learned that Lisa worked in documentary film, under the Academy award winning director of Born in to Brothels. Jamie was a radio journalist who earned her chops at WNYC. After working together for over a year and becoming good friends, they decided to come together and create this really neat company as we know it today, StoryKeep! :) Read More »

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Another week has gone by quickly which means another week of pregnancy has gone by for me. Yay! I’m counting the days…. weeks… months. As the days dwindle by, I’m left still thinking about how to outfit our playroom to accommodate a new lil one without cramping the play area for Reilly. He is very active and loves to use every single space available to him. Read More »

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Hi All! Im back from my sick-break… Remy and I are feeling well enough to review another camera app for you for your phones!!! :)

Here are 3 apps that I really love.  1 which I use ALL THE TIME. Read More »

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My fav photo from my 24th bday ~ the last year I was "morgan-less" :)

I will put it out there.  I LOOOOOOVEEEEE my birthday! I have no idea WHY, but for some reason I do! It is the ONE DAY that is MINE, ALL MINE! :) haha! Growing up I had a good friend who’s bday was the day after mine.. I never minded that she and I had bday’s so close together ~ but I wont lie, I kinda sucked and pissed me off when she would “claim” a weekend date to celebrate HER birthday because we had mutual friends who will celebrate both days… sometimes she would claim a date even if it was on MY bday! She would say that she wanted to have a big get drunk kinda party.. and since Im not that kinda partier, she would want the better weekend date so I wouldnt say anything and let her have it.   Then I started shooting weddings on or around my bday weekend, then we moved 1 year, then I felt all gross and preggers the next year, so bah..  NOT THIS YEAR! Read More »

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