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Hey, Better late then never, right?! Recently I have been shooting a lot of family sessions and like all families one of their “goals” when hiring a professional is to have a nice family photo of EVERYONE.. Mommy , Daddy, and kiddo(s) or also sometimes momma is the one always behind the camera so they want a nice photo of baby and mommy, etc…  However what people forget is that neither they, nor I can control “the beast” :)   Read More »

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Would You or Not


I have a friend recently mention to me that she has a passion for a craft, one that she is good at.. and that she would like to make into more then just a hobby.. BUT she has a friend who also does something similar, but already has an etsy shop up and running…  she is worried about stepping on her friends toes if she ever decided to open her own online retail shop.  I personally think that there is enough to go around and that she should not worry. Life is too short and if you have a passion and dont want to live with regret, you should just go for it!   There are already hundreds of photographers out there, but that did not stop me from doing my thing ~ and yes, while they were not my personal friends I doubt it would have stopped me.  If anything, I would have felt that I could (hopefully) go to them for advice and help.  Would you feel that way if you were in that position?


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I do apologize for posting so late in the day, it has been a long one with an early morning photo session in NYC ~ with Remy and Grandma in tow :)  Anyways.. I have been thinking about a comment that one of my fabulous clients said to me the other day… She said “It seems as though Remy is getting to be easier, wouldnt you say?”  Until that moment, I never really thought about it.   Read More »

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There are a lot of cribs out there. If you’re a first-time parent it can get very overwhelming trying to find the right crib amongst all the other things you need to purchase for your baby. To help you a little bit, here’s a “checklist” I put together on how to find the right crib for you and your family.

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Photo Tip Tuesday


My favorite.  A new way to play with the playmat

Sometimes you need to let all caution go to the wind and just capture the moment.. who cares about composition, lighting, whatever!  Sometimes you just need to remember what was happening right then and there!  Come on in and see what I mean!

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A Bad Dream



This morning I woke up startled, with my heart in my throat… I felt myself tossing, turning and on the verge of crying in my sleep (which has happened to me before).  I had a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE terrifying nightmare about my sweet little Remy. I jumped out of bed ran into her room, scared the shit out of her (she was already awake) scooped her up, hugging her to make sure it was really just a dream… I dont want to EVER think about it again.. but feel that by writing this entry I will be putting this feeling on the shelf and hopefully never have a nightmare like that again for as long as I live…

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photo (1)

Last weekend I had a long time client (and friends) over for a photo session… After the session Miss Remy and Miss Julie were playing on the play mat… Read More »

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So a while back my momma and I took Remy to the NY Baby Show in NYC.  At the show we met a TON of fabulous businesses… Amongst that group was a store called Lazoo.  They sell everything from clothing to accessories, some dolls, and also BOOKS! So when I reached out to see if they were interested in having me try out on of their items I decided that I wanted to go the educational route and picked a book. Read More »

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Have you ever heard of Maria Yasko? If you haven’t, now you have. She is one amazing designer. I was trying to decide what to guest post about today when the idea of highlighting a designer came to mind while I was searching online for kids room designs. From what I can see online, she’s mostly known for designing the most insanely interesting shelving. Then I saw a fabulous room design by Maria Yasko which I’ll show you in a bit. Read More »

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Photo Tip Tuesday



This might seem like a no brainer, but a simple way to avoid dark photos is to make sure you subject is facing the light.. rather then their back to it. There are def. circumstances when you WANT to use that window light as a backlight.. sometimes you want that silhouette, but for the average day… Read More »

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