This is how a weekend should always look at our house… Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for our favorite new toy!!! LOVE IT!!! If you dont have this one yet, go and get one, super cute and fun!!!

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City vs Suburbia


living room in the burbs

Honestly, once I made the move to NYC I never dreamt that I would be raising my family out in the burbs.  Yet here I am, with a house, car, backyard, husband, dog, and of course, BABY… all in the burbs.  Im not so sure when the change happened that I found myself looking at homes near my moms house within good school districts and train access to NYC rather then affordable apts in my beloved city of NY. Read More »

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I think about this topic almost daily.  It is something as an only child myself struggle with.   When I was younger, my motto was always, “5 kids and a tummy tuck!” Then, before I got pregnant with little bird Morgan and I had visions of 4 kiddos running around the house, creating a large, close-knit family.  THEN I got preggers and I HATED it! All the excitement about feeling beautiful, looking all glow-y, all that never happened.  I just felt like a gross blob who watched ghost whisperer 24/7 in the bathroom in between throwing up, I never had the time to nest, or relax.. nope I renovated a house, fought with contractors and shot 18 weddings! Soooo Morgan and I revisited our 4 kids idea and decided that 2 would be fine.  WELL, as you all know Miss R. entered the world as a mini force to reckoned with and threw us yet another big curve ball!  Many times since in the last 9mns have I heard the worlds come out of Morgan’s mouth “This kid is going to be an only child!” and sadly, sometimes I think I might agree with him.  I do know that I am a little scared to be preggers, have another preemie, or drama-mama baby… but Im also not scared of those things… I think, none of those things could be much worse then I already experienced, so what the hell, just go for round 2!  Really, the part about siblings that I am not sure about have very little to do with being preggers or dealing with another newborn but really are all the things I want to do, show, and experience with her that I fear will be harder or compromised by having more kids.  I have big dreams of traveling with her, just she and I, I also want her to experience all the wonderful things I was able to do but wonder how will we be able to do or afford those things if we have more kids?  I think because I am the only I am not able to see how it is all possible.  BUT, on the flip side, there are SO many wonderful things that come with having a brother or sister that I am SO TORN. I do know that if we want another one we want them to be close together in age so we need to decide in the near future.  What are your thoughts, how many of you are ONE AND DONE or are planning to have more?  Any advice or feedback you’d like to offer?

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Ok, So who out there does the ever popular monthly sticker to document your little one growing each month? Raise your hand.  I will admit, I was good at doing them till about 6mns.  It wasnt really me.  PLUS R. was kinda blobby for so long, she spit up, cried, etc.. it was hard to get a decent photo of her.  Then I got bored with it. Read More »

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Hey All!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend! I took a few days off to celebrate my 30th Birthday.  But Im back in action now!  Anyways, I wanted to start the week off with a review on an interesting new website I found called Wittlebee.  There have been bunch of sites like this popping up but Wittlebee’s was the 1st to catch my eye.  Ok, so you are wondering what the heck is it? Read More »

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Today I turn 30!


Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting today! I took the day off to celebrate my 30th birthday!!! I’ll be back to report on Monday how my birthday weekend went :) I’ll still be sending out a video for you all to enjoy tomorrow! Till then…

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I’ve been thinking a lot about our playroom at home. Yep… we have one. But, the reason I’ve been thinking about it is because a lot of our friends don’t have one. While friends have been saying they wish they had a playroom, I’ve been staring at the playroom for the last few months thinking I have to finish it. Read More »

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Photo Tip Tuesday!



What to wear for photos.  I get this question A LOT! It’s ok, Im used to it. :)   There really is no true right or wrong BUT I usually like to suggest to my clients to not be super matchy-matchy…. That they should save the white shirt and jeans look for Sears.  That for the type of shooting that we like to do should reflect the people IN the photos!   Read More »

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Yesterday, Sunday Morgan, little bird, and I took a little trip over to the NJ Wine Festival located over at Demarest Farms in Hillsdale NJ.  It was something I had seen a few signs for and thought it would be a fun little afternoon trip for the three of us.  A good way to get us out of the house on a weekend I have off.  So we packed up little bird and knowing she would possibly fall asleep prepared for our 20min drive on over to Demarest Farms… Which I loooove BTW!   Read More »

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Video of the Week!!


Crazy egg eating baby girl!!!

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