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As I lay in the dark of my little sweeties room, rocking her back to sleep after one of her middle of the night crying fits.  Trying not to move my arms, which are uncomfortable, change my rocking pattern, or think about how badly I need to pee, and really really really just want to go back to sleep, AGAIN… I wonder, why the hell we all want to do this.  Become parents.  As I always say and preface posts like this.. I love my daughter.  She is adorable, sweet, makes me laugh, she is my sunshine.  But really, why?

We are all fooled into thinking that life wont REALLY change.. we will just INSERT baby.  HA, FOOLED YOU!  Yes, maybe there are those lucky few who are so psyched to be parents that these changes are ok or who can go anywhere, do almost anything, carry their baby in a pouch, lay them to rest where ever, whenever, feed them easily, etc.. but the vast majority are suckers like me… fooled by their cute little sweet faces, envisioning life same as before, not realizing all that lies ahead…. NOPE.  My house is a wreck, Im dead tired, Im OVER all these freakin feeding hurdles, I want to go on a vacation where I can stay in a hotel, and sit out at the pool ALL DAY LONG, Not have to GUESS why my daughter is screaming, or plan my life around naps, eating, and bottles.  A few days ago M. sent me an article from The Atlantic titled “Not Wanting Kids is Entirely Normal”  I do think the article is a bit extreme… but it tells the truth.  That many women are not all that into being mothers and if had the opportunity to do it again.. might opt out.

These are also women who are financial stable, and able to provide for their children.  Many are saying, they LOVE their children, but that motherhood was not at all what they expected it to be.  In many ways I can relate.  Would I give up being a mother if I had the chance.. NO.  I love my daughter, and we made the commitment to being her parents and loving her, providing for her,  I look forward to seeing who she becomes and living life with her. But,  every day I think and pray that it will become easier, more fun, less tedious… I am sure in many ways it will and in other ways it will become harder. Do I find it monotonous, yes, do I fear that I have lost some of my own identity, yes, do I miss my former life.. in many ways, yes.  I think that us moms need to find a way to be truthful about how we feel, to not forget who we are BESIDES being so-and-so’s mommy, that we need to find things that we enjoy that are not at all related to parenting and go out and do them!  Am I excited for the future, yes.. but right now I really just want a nap.

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Wow, can you believe This is the last Wednesday in September? End of summer and the start of Autumn. Now that the cold weather is rolling in, my mind is focused on keeping the house warm for the kids. Read More »

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Ok, Im going to cross promote.. but it DOES have to do with fall photography… Today’s tip, isnt so much a tip but really an opportunity for anyone in the NJ/NYC and surrounding area’s to enjoy a little pro photo magic for a special price!  I am offering my Fall Mini Sessions  Here are some of the details.. to know more AND to book, please go to the link below on my blog, to sign up via paypal! :)  STACEY ILYSE PHOTOGRAPHY MINI SESSION LINK

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What’s in a Name



How did you end up naming your little one the name you gave them?  Was there any special meaning behind it, is it a family name, where did you find the name you picked?  OR do you REGRET the name you gave your babe?? Here is how we ended up with Remy. Read More »

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This is just so funny!  Watch it and laugh your arse off! PLEASE! Have a great weekend! BTW, ignore the weird colored lines..the video works, vimeo was just acting weird!

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With the summer officially coming to an end and all the kiddos back in school it made me think of  a wall post that had come up FB via BabyCenter asking if us parents are planning to send their little ones to sleep away camp.  The comment was in response to an article written about how parents now have 24/7 access into their kids camp experience via this website called Bunk1 or even possibly via the camp’s website directly… I dont know how I feel about this type of invasion into your children’s experiences… I understand that the world is a scarier place then once before and I think people just look at the world and see the negatives rather then the positives that experiences like sleep away camp can bring for your child.  Our children are going to end up helpless and scared of the world if we dont let them experience it!  Yes, it can be scary to send your kid to camp and not be able to watch them 24/7 and sadly sometimes terrible things happen right under your very nose, at home however, I have to believe that there are still good people and good, safe places out there.  I think we all need to teach our children to be outspoken and not be afraid, to know when something isnt right and to feel comfortable talking to an adult.  I would hate it if my daughter did not get to experience the world because of my fears, Id be doing her a major disservice!  I do think this goes beyond the need to make sure they are safe… and more to do with the term “helicopter parenting” , or over parenting.  What do you think??



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This week I’m giving you an inspiration design board, but it’s not any old board. We’re getting ready to plan a party here! It’s a birthday party for little Remy! Her first birthday is coming up and the decor will be little birds – as if you didn’t already guess that. Read More »

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I LOOOOOOVVEEE the fall, and it is already starting to feel a little bit more like the seasons are changing with the cooler nights starting to kick in already! (Who knows if it will stick!)  I think that the fall is probably the BEST time for photos.  The weather is not too hot, too cold, it is usually JUST PERFECT!  The light is always nice and many people feel more comfortable in fall clothing then they do in any other type because you can be covered, but not bundled, and you can hide all the parts you’d like to hide :) So I have decided for the next few weeks to inspire you with some fall photo ideas that you can take of your little ones!   Read More »

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