Happy Halloween


Hi Everyone.  I am sad for my wonderful state of New Jersey and the destruction that Sandy has caused… To brighten your day, and fill your hearts with something sweet and adorable.. here is my little bumble bee.  Stay safe everyone and happy Halloween. XO ~ S

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Sandy day off


We are hunkering down and snuggling up after preparing as best we can for Sandy’s arrival. Everyone on the east coast. Be safe. Try and enjoy your freebie day off and hope no one has any major damage! Xo- us

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I dont know when you start to think about having a baby all the things you will need to do and teach them… I sure as hell didnt! Well, here we are almost 1 year later and all 3 (correction 4 ~ dog included) have survived.  We have had some challenges along the way.. and drinking formula vs goats milk vs regular milk, etc has been a big one.   Read More »

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Yesh, the end of October is near. But that also means it’ll be Halloween soon. Such a fun time for kiddos. Do you have Halloween festivity plans? Trick or treating or staying home to pass out candy instead? Headed to a party? Or may be you’re hosting the party? If so, then this post is the one for you because I decided to do an inspiration design board for Halloween today for my guest post. Read More »

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Hey guys!  Fall inspiration month is almost here!  Stay tuned for next week’s Halloween photos :)  The last of this months inspirational images. Read More »

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Have you ever wanted to pick up and try someplace new?  Doesnt need to be permanent could even be for a month, 6 months, 1 year.. whatever your desire.  I have that bug.. the get up and go bug.  I dont think it would need to be forever.. just a month would be fine.. but I have always wanted to live in England for a month, or Austin TX, maybe Portland… or go back to Italy.. just want to try something new.  Have you ever had the bug?  If so, where. Have you acted on it and moved?

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I wanted to share these BOTH with you.. since they go together :)  our little bird is mastering the stairs!!! woot woot! (I think…)  At least we know she can do it… we actually had to take DOWN all the gates since she was climbing them like a jungle gym!  But in the meantime, check out our little cutie!  It will give you something to do on this rainy friday… btw sorry for being kinda MIA.. It is crazy fall photo time.. but I promise I will have some good stuff to chat about soon! XO ~ S

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I’m a pretty frugal kind of gal. I try to buy things on sale  when I can. Try to use coupons. Don’t buy anything that isn’t practical. Basically … no impulse buying for me. My hubs loves the fact that I’m frugal because he’s pretty frugal himself. So, we’re compatible in this way. No financial conflicts in this household. One of the things I really love are containers for two reasons – inexpensive and practical. Read More »

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Photo Tip Tuesday


Fall inspiration time! :)  Some photos from this past Saturday’s Mini Session.  ENJOY!

All photos are taken by: stacey ilyse photography

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Babies & Dogs



I am a 2 baby house hold.. 1 four legged love, and 1 two legged little love.  Wickett, our 7 year old Brussels Griffon was the 1st love of my life, then Remy came along. B.R. (Before Remy) Wickett was the exclusive apple of my eye… we did EVERYTHING together.  I got Mr Wickett Monkey Weinberg because I wanted a constant companion and that was what I got.  I took him on every shopping adventure (minus grocery shopping) I made sure that in any warm weather we ate at a restaurant without door seating so he could come.. I purposely would leave extra time so I could walk with him to where ever I was going so we would get some good walks in. He sat on my lap (but NEVER ate anything) at EVERY meal.  I EVEN made sure that my office space (which I dont have anymore) in NYC was dog friendly as I almost NEVER went into NYC without him once we moved.  This beautiful, wonderful dog was my everything.  I think I spoke more about him on my online dating profile then I did myself! Finding a man who would love and care for my dog the way I did was #1 on my list of important extras when finding the right guy. (I know, kinda crazy.. but I guess it worked out!)  Read More »

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