Happy Friday everyone!!!!  Give Remy a call.. she looooooves to talk on the phone!

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November is coming to an end. Goodness this month has gone by quickly. To complete my guest posts “For the Love of Fall” theme for November, I decided to do an inspiration board for boys outerwear with a twist. Four jackets to match one fleece jacket. Enjoy!

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Wowza! Thanksgiving is tomorrow. You’re probably already preparing dishes or you’re like me and just not grocery shopping. With all the craziness going on for  the holidays, don’t forget about the kiddos! They can certainly help you prepare meals and, of course, dessert. Because we all know dessert is the real reason everyone loves Thanksgiving. But there’s also the question of how to entertain the kids during the course of the day. For this, I lean on crafts. I’m a huge proponent of arts and crafts. Read More »

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I thought I was back in the saddle, then we went on our vacation to Florida!  OY! The month of November is really kicking me in the tush!  So yah.  we just got home, TODAY from a nice little vacay in Miami Florida.  Myself, McMorg, R. birdie, and Nana (my mom) all headed south for a few days! Read More »

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Fall is in full swing! I absolutely love Autumn. I love wearing scarves. I love the colors. I love the weather. It’s my favorite season of the year. So, I decided to dedicate my guest post today to Fall. A lot of things come to mind when I think about Fall, so to keep myself in focus here I’m going to give you some Girls’ Toddler Fashion for today. Read More »

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Hey Everyone!

IM BACK! PHEW! I really felt that I left you all hanging this past month or so. With my mini sessions for Stacey Ilyse Photography, preparing for Remy’s 1st Birthday party, Super Storm Sandy barreling in and shutting many many many of us down for a week or MORE, and preparing my home for the winter, and more!  But now I feel renewed and ready to get back in the blogging saddle! I will have a wonderful new Photo Tip Tuesday for you,  I have some new advice in the pipelines, and while my crazy baby has become WAY less crazy (in the annoying motherhood sucks cause she is a newborn kinda way) I will always have obstacles to overcome just like every mother has from the beginning of time. I am sure a few of you have been checking my entries less because of the blogging draught but there are words and stories to be told!  So stay tuned for the rest of the week! XOXO – S

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Dear Baby Remy.

In 2 days you turn ONE YEAR OLD!  I can not believe it has been a YEAR since that whirlwind of a day that you decided to make your appearance, kicking and screaming to get out and see the world.  It has been an interesting, exhausting, overwhelming, yet wonderful ride so far.  Dada and I look forward to many more whirlwinds with you.   Every day you manage to make me laugh with your silly sweet ways and beautiful little face that greets me every morning.  We look forward to seeing you walk, hearing you talk, watching you grow into the beautiful, smart, caring, adventurous, cautious, person you will one day become.  We will do our very best to raise you to be amazing, confident, independent, true, and open minded.  We love you our sweet little bird and loving every moment that you spread your wings a little more and change before our eyes.

Happy 1st birthday my baby doll.

XO- Mommy.

Here is a little tribute I put together to Remy’s 1st year.. ENJOY! To view the show, just click on the little fortune cookie… sorry, it is on a white background!

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Creating the Love


As a mother you hope that you create a warm, comfortable, safe, loving, home for your children.  I know that everyone has different life experiences and not everyone is fortunate enough to feel that way about their childhood, childhood home, or even their parents!  That many woman worry about having kids for those reasons.. and specifically many moms worry about having girls in fear that they will repeat their relationship with their mom with their own little girls…

I looove my actual childhood home.  Not because it is anything fancy, or all that stylish, but it has always felt warm, cozy, and full of memories. It was the home my dad lived in, that I grew up in, that I hosted many parties, sleepovers, friends were always welcome, and much more.   I def know that not everyone has those feelings about their childhood home.. but I hope that I can create that love for Remy and she will always feel welcome and at home in our home no matter how old she :):) I also think that one of the most important thing I witnessed growing up was that my parents really did love each other. My dad was madly in love with my mom, so even though he was only with us till I was 11, I always saw love, I was able to witness a successful working partnership and have always strived to work on my relationship with M. so we can continue to provide a good example to our child.  In addition, my mom was always welcoming to family and friends and we always had guests over, and that many of her friends were like 2nd mothers to me.   I never felt like I did not have someone to go to even if it was for them to help me convince my mom to do something for me :) haha!  In turn having this wonderful experience growing up, it has become EXTREMELY important to me to have those types of women friendships to expose Remy to so that she can have many people around her to love her, support her, and that she can turn to if she ever needs.

On the mothering side of it all, while yes I do have a great relationship with my mom it isnt an easy one by any means.  We fight, we have different ways of doing MANY things, we feel differently about many topics, etc… I also realize when looking back on my life that there are things my mom did (or didnt do) that I will work on repeating and also changing for my relationship with Remy.  I do feel that if I just make sure to love her openly, honestly, and I am realistic to who she is, what she needs from us as her parents to help guide her in life we will be ok.

How about you all… what thoughts do you have?

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