Ok, So about a month ago I was selected to do a review on a new online payment service by Visa called, V.me.  

V.me is pretty simple.  you go to Visa’s V.me website, and create a free account.  After the account has been made you type in the credit card(s) of your choice, your billing info, and your desired shipping info. So you are probably asking.. ok, why? Or maybe seems kinda lame and does not have much purpose.. BUT for a personal online lovin’ shopper like myself  it is a safe, secure, site to store your credit card info/shipping info so that you do not need to whip out the CC every time you want to make an online purchase.  So yah, it is pretty great.. because you can shop till you drop without blinking an eye!  When I signed on to do this review I was required to sign up, and use the service to make a purchase.  After searching around their website I found a list of the sites that currently participate in V.me and opted to try the service for a purchase on LivingSocial.

At first it was a little confusing, since I usually have the auto-pay on LivingSocial and saw that they have a “Change payment” options.. which allowed me to sign in to V.me and make my purchase!  It was super easy to use.  I was then able to enjoy a wonderful dinner out with McMorg and Crazy Baby.  (So, you might notice that I “purchased” ice cream via LS, well I took ALL these photos for my purchase to a restaurant, and when I went to find them, they were MISSING! Sooo I reenacted the purchase for you all to see)

Ok, so here are my few MINOR critiques regarding V.me.

1.  I would have preferred a simple short paragraph telling me about V.me and what it does rather then a video.  I have a young child, I dont usually have time to watch a video.. but I can quickly read something to know if I would like to sign up.

2. The list of currently participating online stores was not accessible AT ALL.. UNLESS you signed up and created an account. I get it, Visa wants  you to sign up rather then see if you like any of the stores, and if you dont you leave… but I found it a little annoying that I had to go through all the steps in order to see if I would be using it.

2. Then, once I was signed up the list was hidden under the “customer service” link… which wasnt a place I might have looked initially… I know I only did it because I wanted to scope everything out for the review.  It should have its own spot where consumers can easily find it!

3. I realized only after signing up and seeing the list of storefronts that were participating that the BUSINESS also needs to sign up and be willing to create a payment option on their site in order for you to pay via V.me…. I am not truly sure if this is even possible BUT if you were able to sign into V.me when you started your online shopping experience, then since you are signed in, you could use it as a maybe a shopping cart service regardless of your shopping destination so you could utilize the 1-click payment/shipping experience I think it could be an amazing service that could change the way we shop online.

With all that said here is my final verdict.  I think V.me is great idea, yes, it has some website quirks, and storefronts need to get on board to really use it to its fullest BUT it is def. something that you should sign up and try out… why not, what do you have to lose? It really does make your shopping experience that much easier and more streamlined.


This post is brought to you by V.me by Visa. Online payment. Simple and secure.

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How was your holiday season?  Check our’s out… Instagram style :)



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Since I dedicated my first two December guest posts to Chanukah I wanted to dedicate today’s post to Christmas. So much fun searching for holiday craft ideas. The internet and Pinterest just make it so easy now!

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After thinking about the recent Instagram changes that have put users into a frenzy  regarding their privacy, usernames, likeness, images, etc.. I realized this.  I am not surprised that they are officially putting up a disclaimer stating that they COULD use our images for advertising, profit, etc…If you think about it, they ARE owned by FB, which states the same thing.. so really instagram is covered under that umbrella.  I could only assume that these guidelines that we all agreed to when we made our FB accounts could carry over to instagram.  However, the part that really bothers me and possibly many others is that people are sensitive to fairness. Read More »

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Not too long ago this photo was posted and made it rounds on FB.  

personally, I think it is quite brillant.  But the mixed reviews of comments that came from this image!  Yes, we dont know what the circumstances surrounding this image were.. maybe the kid missed curfew 1 too many times, maybe mom and dad put the sign up yet waited till their child came home and made sure they were safe but still wanted to reinforce their rules.  We REALLY dont know and we really dont have the right to judge how one parent may choose to get their point across to their children.  BUT I do feel that this note rings true to how I feel generations past might have been raised (myself included), and that the respect that parents demanded from their children would have called for a quicker, sometimes harsher punishment that parents of today are willing to dole out to their kids.

Yes, this is coming from a mother of a 13mn old who she herself was a goody-goody and can safely say that the number of times she was late for curfew was, NEVER… (but I didnt have a curfew cause my friends and I overall were kinda dorky and preferred to hang out at my house, make music videos in my mom’s bad 80s clothes, have dance parties, and host sleepovers).

What do YOU think of this note on the door and how do you think you’d handle a curfew-breaking teenager?


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OMG, So sorry I have been a slacker with video’s but you MUST see my adorable little bird kissing one of her most favorite toys :) come and see!! Happy Friday!

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Last weekend I attended a Latka Party at Staceys’ house… yummy latkas (latkes). What’s not to like? Fried potatoes! Now, Chanukah is in full swing. I wanted to dedicate this post to DIY Chanukah crafts.

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being a WAHM



My FAVORITE comment when someone learns that I am a Work At Home Mom (WAHM) is;  ”Wow, it must be SOOOO great working from home!” EEEEEHHHH (long buzzer sound) WRONG!  It kinda sucks actually. Dont get me wrong, there ARE perks to it.. like working in my PJ’s, saving money on commuting, all that stuff that goes along with generally working from home.  But the reality is.. when you throw a baby into the mix it only gets harder, not easier.  I struggle with the juggle. Read More »

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Ok, Im going to put out a little disclaimer before I start writing this post.  here goes: I attempted cloth diapers, I LOVE the idea of them, I WISH they worked for us, but sadly they dont.  I have nothing but respect for the parents that are committed to doing it, and I truly feel that to each their own, and if something works for you and your family you should do it.  AAANNND if someone choose to or not to do something for their family (as long as it does not hurt anyone) you should keep your mouth shut and not judge. Read More »

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Wow. It’s December already! Another few weeks and we’re into 2013. Where did the time go? Yesh. Chanukah and Christmas right around the corner. Stacey celebrates Chanukah and I celebrate Christmas. So, I’m going to mix it up the next few weeks for my guest posts. Read More »

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