I haven’t been feeling well since the weekend. Tired, achy, foggy, tired…oh wait, I said that already.

It’s tough taking care of a very active toddler and a five month old when you’re feeling under the weather. Not like you can just hide yourself under the blanket and ignore the kids when they’re hungry or need diaper changes. So, what’s a mom to do?


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2 steps back



Oy! So we have yet again been dealing with teething :( . To a parent, teething is the bain of our otherwise (sometimes) fairly easy going child’s life. But the teeth bring a whole new ball game. They are unpredictable to the parent and horribly uncomfortable to the child.  While my kiddo only has a measly 4 teeth (2 more making their appearance shortly)  It has been a long back and forth road we have had to travel with just these 4!  OK, So WTF are you talking about you are probably wondering… Read More »

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Great Nursery Idea


Happy Wednesday! So I was surfing for the web and checking out Babble’s list of top mom blogs from 2010… yeah, I know I just wanted to start from the beginning. Lol. And was looking for some inspiration for my guest post today.

Anyhow, I ended up at a blog I’ve visited before A Cup of Jo by Joanna Goddard. I like her clean and simple her blog design.


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Cold Front



Weather like this makes me wish I had “balls” to move somewhere warm!  My dream spot, Austin TX.  After 5 years of SXSW vacations to the great city of Austin I think about it almost daily.  I wish and dream for the lifestyle of a Austin-ite.  Sadly, I dont think it’s in the cards. Read More »

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Rival Monkeys


Last night M and I watched this movie called Chimpanzee, which documented the story of little baby monkey Oscar, his momma and their pack. Within the story they had to defend themselves against another group of chimps that wanted to take over their food spot.. Which in the process caused Oscars momma to be hurt and then ultimately eaten by a leopard. Thankfully something amazing and rare happened and the male pack leader, Freddie took on the role of caregiver to sweet Oscar. It was amazing.

I woke up this morning and my first thought. Don’t worry my sweet little bird. I won’t let a pack of wild monkeys separate us.. I will always keep you safe.

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With the early wake up of my little bird I feared today would be a bust. I trekked to the gym, had a great class, only to learn that my babe managed to fall asleep in the daycare room! Ug! F–k! That was NOT what I had hoped for! I was anticipating her being “played out” and ready to nap… Not already napped, and for only 20 min :( so here I am watching the monitor like a hawk for the last 40mins as she plays, complains, and does nothing in her crib. Waiting, hoping, praying, she will go down for a real nap.

The coveted naptime has been screwed..today is going to be an interesting one.

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Bottles and Babies



As many of you may remember… my kid was the one who refused a bottle at 6mns old for an entire month…. THEN with the revelation of goats milk, we successfully were able to get her to drink from a bottle, but being the little firecracker that she is, she took that bottle back from us but from 7mns on she would only drink it holding it herself.. Read More »

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Winter is one of my favorite seasons of the year (after Autumn). I love snow. I love being able to throw snowballs and build snowmen (and snow women). And who doesn’t love laying in the snow to make snow angels?

But we can’t be outside in the snow all day (or may be we can ^_^). So, what do you do with the kiddos when we’re stuck indoors on a snow day? I always think crafts are the best way to keep the kids occupied during these cold months. Today I wanted to share some snowflake crafts.

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Dear Little Baby Bird.

Today you a 14mns old and I am LOVING this time in your life.  You are just AMAZING. Walking, and saying Ma-Ma (sometimes) DAAA-DAAAA, and your favorite word.. DA!!!  You love our little Wickie even when he licks you and steals your toys, snuggling up with your beloved “blankies” and giving me baby snuggles and as we call them “baby humps” haha! You make me laugh every day with your funny antics and you just revel in the idea that YOU are making ME laugh, which makes you do whatever you are doing happen over and over!  You looove bath time, and hate diaper changes.  You are still HATE the carseat and def. not the best eater on the block, but we have to just learn to get over it. Read More »

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I actually had a different topic in mind for my guest post today, but after reading Stacey’s post about What to do in the Winter on Monday, I decided to write about places you can go with your kids during the winter. Because let’s face it, it can get crazy in the house when the kids cannot play outside.

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