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Ugh! It’s so frustrating having a baby, yet I want more of them!

C. is small for sure, and is getting more and more finicky, especially with my milk. And one of the formulas that we tried supplementing with made her SO constipated that she was screaming her head off when she tried to poo. It broke my heart. I just want to be sure that she is eating enough to grow, you know? I dont want her to be a fat baby. What kind of formula did you end up using with R.? I know you mentioned it in your one post but I can’t remember.


I completely know how you feel! I have a love/hate with having a baby, and being a mom! I will say this… I have learned that I am not an “infant person” I LOVE this toddler stage (even with all its new challenges) but it DOES get better… by the time she is 8-9mns and is crawling and what not you will enjoy her more… Not sure she will feel better, spit up less, or be any less picky, but she becomes more of a person around then.

In regards to food, milk, formula, etc.. R.  outright refused to nurse at 5mns on the dot.. I still gave her frozen BM and formula but it really did not make a difference in regards to her discomfort or dislike of it all. We have tried EVERYTHING under the sun in ways of formula.

The ones that I found worked the “Best” were enfamil nutramigen… it is meant to be easier on their tummies… It looks as though enfamil has some new products which you might want to look into… the human milk fortifier looks interesting… here is a link to their site.

I also found that the organic earths best formula. was pretty good too.

To be honest, I think there are some kids that are just not meant to have formula or even BM! I know R. wasnt. In the end we ended up giving her GOATS MILK with some oatmeal in the bottle and combined with actual food it was the ONLY thing that stopped her discomfort.

I know she is only 3 months, but honestly goats milk is the closest thing to mothers milk.. more so then formula! My pedi said to just give her that along with vitamins and she would be fine and guess what, she is!

If you are comfortable with it, you might want to add a little bit OATMEAL, not rice! To her bottle it might help to add a little “weight” to her liquid and will help with spit up and also give her a few more calories… Oatmeal wont back her up like rice cereal does.

You COULD try soy based formula just to see if it works.. but sometimes it makes babies gassy which was my fear in giving it to her.

My pedi said that I NEED to give any formula switch I made a week to see if it reaaaallly is a good fit because it will take a little while for their system to get used to it. Sometimes you will know sooner, but other times not.

Here is my theory with all this formula, BM, cereal, goats milk, etc… People do all different things, they need to find what works for them and their babies… my friend was given goats milk from early on infancy and she is perfect, our parents were mostly given formula made from condensed milk and some other crap, they are fine, my husband was only given formula and he is good too, I was given BM and Im just as good as him, so you need to just do what works!

My pedi also said to give R. a little bit of luke warm chamomile tea to sooth her belly… she liked that.

Also, it is VERY normal for babies to go on nursing or bottle “strikes” so this week she might not want to nurse or not into her bottle and next week she is FINE!

Also, please do not worry about C.’s size, it is REALLY hard not to worry but you have no reason to! She is PERFECT!! Remy has always been small and that is ok she is doing great!  She has done everything at the right time (not even for her “Adjusted” age, but her actual age) Also you will see that when she turns 4mns and starts to have some solids everything will change, she might have less digestive issues, she also will prob gain more weight cause you can give her foods that are more fatty, like avocado!

I hope that some of this helps you, or at least puts your mind at ease you should try the nutramigen or the earthsbest and see how those work for you.

Keep me posted!

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One of my lovely readers emailed me yesterday asking my thoughts… here is her question, and my answer :)  D. always sleeps like a dream – but about 5 days ago it seems she’s been having severe separation anxiety at bedtime. When we put her down she literally FREAKS out unless we’re standing over her crib.  She’ll fall asleep and if we take a step towards her door she JUMPS up and starts screaming.  This goes on for about 2 hours and it is soooo frustrating.  She’s so exhausted but fights it so hard and just keeps getting up as we try to make an exit.  We creep out of her room on our tip toes like weirdos trying not to make a peep.  I feel like I’m losing my mind the past few days.  She’s 10 months now – typically she goes to bed at 8:30 and wakes up at 7 and takes two naps during the day. (once in while 3) – typically her naps are at 1030/11a (for about an hour and a half) and then again at 330/4p for about an hour.  Usually I put her to bed. But, when she does this we take turns and switch. She does it to both of us though.  I’m still nursing her, so I feel like when she sees me she just wants my boob and that is not cool.  Hubs will go in an try to get her down and last night he was ultimately able to get her to stay down.

Has this ever happened to you?

Yes, it has happened!  It was HORRIBLE! We ended up having to change our bedtime routine a bit since she knew it was coming and would stress out, so we were not able to read her books, or anything like that. it was too much prep beforehand , here is what we now do, and while it seems structured, it is very low key…  R had a FREAK OUT at around 8mns when we did our regular routine.  Sooo we usually give her a bath directly after dinner, sometimes we dont even clean her hands off, we just go right into the tub.  THEN, we go into her room, and she has “naked time”  where we put her oil on (we dont use lotion) and let her play in her room all naked and whatnot, that is usually 10-15mins.. THEN we put her in her PJ’s and night time diaper.  From there we usually play for another 15mins or so and then we give her a night time bottle and we also watch a bit of TV like the the wiggles or mickey mouse.  (our kid doesnt have an off button, so this usually relaxes her and gets her to calm down)  After the bottle is done, brush teeth, give her any medicine if she is sick, and then we lay her down, put on her sound machine/night light, give her her blankie, out on her musical glow worm, (she also has a small 2oz bottle of water that we give her in the crib ~ but this is ending soon)  and then we say love you, shut the door all the way, and go!  ALSO she only used to freak out for ME, and not to M., so I would have to have him put her to bed whenever possible.   I would help M. with the stuff beforehand, but he would have to put her in the crib and say goodnight and I would leave the room before he did it.
Another thing I noticed was that when R wasnt very tired or was OVER tired she would get more anxiety about going to sleep.  You might need to bump up her naps a little bit, or feed her a little earlier and put her down a tad earlier… even by just 15mins!  I would suggest that you dont let her have a 3rd nap whenever possible she most likely only needs 2.  Also, the 1 and only paragraph in a book I ever read gave this suggestion… lay the baby down 20-30mins before you expect them to fall asleep.. this gets them used to self sooth and also downtime.  so maybe try for a week to lay her down at 10 for the 1st nap and she will hopefully sleep by 1030-12.  then again lay her down at 3pm and hopefully sleep till only 4-430.  THEN I would say try doing 8pm rather then 830.  Lay her down at 8pm and see what happens.
Also, Im not sure if you are or are not against this but you might need to just let her figure it out on her own… one thing that helped also for us was putting a book in her crib, she knows it is there and “reads” it when she wakes up.  We make a big deal about giving her the blankie at nap and bedtime, so it excites but also gives her the reassurance she needs and she snuggles it, etc…
I have heard that CIO can last as long as 2 HRS!  But then it stops pretty quickly.  You should have Daddy go in and pat her on the back, or lay her back down, but not pick her up. OR you could talk to her at the doorway and tell her it is ok but dont go in.  But he has to be the one to do it when he can since she associates you as food/comfort.
But maybe try to switch up the routine first and see if that help cause it might be stressing her out, PLUS try putting her down at 8pm rather then 830… also you might just have to let her cry longer :(  they learn bad habits very easily, but forget them quickly too if we stick with it.
Good Luck and keep us all posted!!!
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Hey there my little bird. Yesterday you turned 16mns old and a little firecracker you most certainly are! At 15.5mns you weighted 19lbs 8oz and were 29.5in tall. Your sweet little head is starting to grow some cute little blonde locks.. With some cutie curls in the back.. I can’t wait to see you with actual hair that I can pull into a pony! You walk, run, climb, roll, flop, all over the place and it is the most fun yet to be with you as you are truly a little person now :) . We are still waiting for you to talk.  You currently say “HI”, sometimes grace us with a mama and dada.. And your favorite, DA! For dog. You do communicate with sign language so we are all not at a total loss for your needs! You have a love for all things doggies, your blankies, and a pair of ugly ass Payless shoes you always like to wear!

Currently you do a lot of whining at me to hold you and you have become more snugly and enjoy watching the wiggles curious george, and Mickey Mouse with us. We still struggle with having you let go of the bottle and sometimes even at night.. but overall you are becoming a joy to be around and continue to be the light of our lives.

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Is there such a thing?  My current “Whatever” happens to be a diaper bag. Im kinda sick or annoyed with them.  I know, I know I have many more years to go of carrying diapers, wipes, toys, change of clothes, foods, sippy cups, etc… But I cant seem to find one I really LOVE.  Maybe Im putting too much thought into it, Im sure I am.  But I tend to be like this.  I keep searching and searching until the right “whatever” it is is found.  I did this with baby wearing too!  I have 4.  Im crazy, I know.  BUT in my defense, I actually have used all 4 of them on different occasions, the moby when she was newborn, the babyhawk mei tei until she was about 10mns old, then I wore the ergo  a bunch of times while hanging out  in NYC, and now I have had to use the ring sling many a time around the house because she likes to be carried all the time!  But the diaper bag just hasnt been as easy for me.  I always find that they are annoying.. esp now with winter coats, and she is getting heavier so it is more awkward to carry her and the bag.  What are your favorite diaper bags???   Or do you have an alternative ideas instead of diaper bag that you use??

Getting into my diaper bag :)

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Snack Attack!



Since R. has been itty-bitty my mom has been trying to drill into me that she “should eat NON STOP!”  Apparently someone she knows had 2 preemie babies a gazillion years ago and told her that “preemies need to snack ALL THE TIME” and to just feed her constantly.  Needless to say, anytime I followed these “words of wisdom”  in order to apease my mom my kid threw up from overeating!   Read More »

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