My kid is pretty cool.  She rocks out to Ke$ha, Rolling Stones, and The Wiggles.  She makes cute little snorty faces when she thinks she is doing something that makes me laugh (which she usually is!), she hates wearing shoes but likes to walk around in them all day long. (doesnt make sense now does it?), her best friend in this world is our Wickett-monkey and will tolerate almost anything he does if it means including her.  She  has no fear about jumping off of or climbing up onto anything, she will sit and play with a zipper or a buckle for a good 20mins.  We snuggle daily and whenever she stands up after a diaper change she says “Mama” and then gives me “kisses”.  For as stressful, monotonus, tiring and all things crappy that come along with parenthood my kid is still my best friend.  She is my sidekick, my partner in crime, my baby, my little love and go to bed every night happy to be free and wake every morning excited to see her.

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Constant Debate


I know I’ve talked about this before but it is a still a CONSTANT debate in my mind, between M. and I, with girlfriends, and anyone who meets me and asks.  Do we try for #2.  Now that we are out of the hell of horrible infancy and have this amazingly wonderful, adorable, beautiful, little toddler I dont know if I want to do all that other crap again.  I always dreamed of a big family, one to fill the holiday tables with, and playing together in the backyard, supporting each other through life changes, maybe even being best friends someday!  I always wanted my kid to have a sibling to lean on when times were tough, or to help when she might someday (far from now) be all alone.  However my own selfishness sometimes out weights all those good points.  I know, there is NO guarantee that our children will be close or even like or tolerate each other but I guess that is a gamble parents with more then one take!  I also wonder if having another baby so that my current one is not alone is the RIGHT reason to have another.  I dont doubt for even a millisecond that I would not love another baby as much as my little bird, but the need to have another is not one that comes from thoughts or feelings like “oh I love babies” or “I love being a mom, I could have 10 more!” HELLS NO! I struggle with the mom card almost daily.  I have a fierce love for my babe and she is the light of my life, but the fact that I am her MOTHER and that role, and this job I have taken on will never ever end is sometimes daunting!  People have suggested waiting a few years… but I dont want my kids (if we have more) to be far apart in age, nor do I want to be so far out of the diapers, bottles, and baby toy stage to have to do it all over again.  I also want my body back, and want to work at it, and feel awesome about myself.. I cant imagine getting back to a place I am happy with and then 4-5 years later feeling gross and crappy all over again! ha!  So I guess the time will come sometime soon that we will have to truly make up our minds once and for all.

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Before I got married I went GF.  I had always had weird stomach problems, had tried a few different eating diets like eat right for your blood type, lactose free, etc… NOTHING really helped!  One of my good friends mom was diagnosed with Celiacs and she also decided to see if she felt better not eating gluten and suggest it to me.  Needless to say, I went (mostly) GF starting around 6mns before my wedding and went almost exclusively GF until I got preggers.  When I became pregnant I had SO much trouble going to the bathroom I thought.. HEY, maybe if EAT bread, pizza, pasta.. it will force my system to go!  NOPE!!! I just learned I COULD eat all the yummy stuff I had to avoid for so long!  Soooo out when my GF lifestyle and in came GLUTEN!!!

Fast forward (or rewind.. however you want to look at it) to approx 8mns after the birth of our crazy baby.  My body WASNT back to a good place (in my opinion).  I wasnt eating HORRIBLY and I was running 3-4x a week.. but I still felt like CRAP, was having tons of stomach aches, bloating, gas, and gas pain… I kept telling myself I WAS going to go back to being GF… BAH! I love pizza, and the occasional cupcake, pita bread with hummus, and more!  The final wake up call was a trip to my new Dr.’s office… where she told me how processed wheat now-a-days has 4x the amount of gluten that natural wheat should have… and that while NO I do not have Celiac’s I def have a wheat intolerance and to live a HAPPY life, that is not consumed with trips to the bathroom I NEEDED to go back to eating GF.  So here I am about a month into it yet again… and I DO feel better, I havent had nearly as many stomach issues (I do think I have a few other tummy quirks) and I am forcing myself to eat better, think about what I eat, cook more at home and more. If anyone has any yummy recipe suggestions, I’d LOVE to hear them!

Here is to 1 month in the bag of my new lifestyle!  Fingers crossed I dont fall of the wagon… I dont think my stomach would like it!

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Hello all! I was asked by Dole to taste test their latest product, The Parfait fruit cups.  I was a little unsure when I first received the product… not because I was afraid it would taste bad.. but it was strange that it did not need to be refrigerated asap like other yogurt type products.  BUT I was committed to doing the post and making sure to give a true, honest review… I stuck the 3 different flavors, Pineapple and creme, apples and creme, and peaches and creme into the fridge to let them get cold and tried one each over the next 3 days.


Lucky for me (and DOLE haha) they were all pretty darn good!  I even let little miss R. baby try them.. and she asked for more… which if you know my child is NOT the norm!  It is a nice combo of real fruit with the smooth layer of deliciously light-tasting creme.  My favorite, which I was not surprised about was the peaches and creme… it also was the one that made the most sense combo wise for me.. but yah for being low fat, cholesterol free and very low in sodium I’d buy them again!  Here are some other details on the product that are good to know.   They contain all natural fruit and are rich in Vitamin C,  are available in the canned fruit section at select grocery retailers and online, and have a suggested retail price is $2.79/per package of four.   You can check out all the details HERE on the DOLE Fruit Parfaits website or also at dole.com 

Here is also a link to DOLE FB page or twitter in cause you are a fan!  But really, for a product you can keep in your cabinet and pop in the fridge whenever you are low on something…or if you are going out for the day but want a snack in your diaper bag for your or your little one.. or just to stick in your purse it is good, healthy, and better then the cheetos you got from the vending machine! For $2.79 it cant hurt to try them out!

Disclaimer: I am part of the Mom It Forward blogger network. Mom It Forward and DOLE partnered in support of this campaign. DOLE compensated me for participation in this campaign. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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Being Evaluated


Upon the recommendation of pedi I recently had R. evaluated by early intervention for her speech… or until like the day of the evaluation, her lack there of.  Regardless of people telling me that both my ped and I are crazy and that R. is TOTALLY fine, Im really glad that I took the time to do it. In the end she did not quality for EI, BUT she was below average in both speech and eating-type stuff (no surprise there!)  I really liked the 2 women who came and evaluated her, R. had a good time playing with them, I picked up on some of the things they were doing with her, they asked me a ton of questions, and in the end gave me lots of good tips for helping her move forward and help her to develop speech more smoothly and possibly more quickly since she is “on the verge” of talking.  I also really liked that I received a copy of all their notes and was able to see different goals within the next 6mns that should be happening for R.

I think there is a stigma put on the idea of EI which is silly!  They are here to help us and our children! I kept getting questions on “why are you doing it, etc…” Ultimately at the time of my call to them she did not say mama, dada, or anything really.  She always made tons of sounds, did some sign language, but no words.  I know myself and I wanted to have the peace of mind knowing that I went down every avenue possible to make sure that my kid was just fine where she was currently in her development.  Having this knowledge and also armed with some new techniques has already proven helpful for her!  In the last 2 days she has said, ball, cracker, and dog! WOOT WOOT!  We are on the road to Harvard! Hahaha!


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Yesterday, April 10th my little bird turned 17mns.  (It has been almost a month since I last wrote, sorry folks, nothing was inspiring me enough to write, but Im feeling it a bit more) Anyways… My sweet little drama queen goof ball is really turning into something quite lovely.  Recently you have become a little love ball. Giving me hugs and kisses, and whines (not my favorite thing) for me to hold her and be with you.   Read More »

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