I had intended to write and post this ON the 10th but I spent the day photographing the birth of a little boy, so my post did not happen, but if you check out the slideshow at the end of the post you can see how I spent the day capturing an amazing experience :) .  Anyways… Here’s to you my sweet little incredible 20mn old angel.  At 20mns old you walk, run, “jump” dance, spin, climb, crawl, and more.  You are the most amazing creature I have ever laid eyes on.  Yes, you drive me crazy at times and is still not the best eater, but you are also so charming and funny and fun to be with I am blessed to have you in my life.  At 20 mns my little bird can say a plethora of words… such as, baby, up, down, wet, walk, rain, wickett, momma, dada, dirty, water, eat, shoes, socks, pajama, bottle, blankie, banana, cracker, bug, and so much more. I dont know how tall you are or how much you have gained but I am hoping for a lb or 2 and an 1inch or so.

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