Toddler Moments


Toddler moment:
R: sitting in our bed “reading” the one step ahead circular. Says to me- “no baby in book in bathtub!”
Me: but the baby needs to get clean too!
R: “no, baby stay dirty”


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Wordless Wednesday


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I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our little girl.  She is my most important person, my best friend (At 2! haha) and is amazing.  She is actually overall a blessing of a 2 yr old.  She has a pleasant personality, the sweetest little thing.  As I like to say, She is candy for my soul.  HOWEVER, this winter, has tried my patience a bit.  I know it is a combination of MANY things.   Read More »

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This past summer (I know that was a LONG time ago now) M. and I decided that we wanted to send R. to “School”.  Im sure many people were wondering – why the heck do you want to send your (then) 20mn old off to school?! Dont you want to spend as MUCH time with her before pre-k/kindergarden or before you have another baby?  While yes, of course I do!  However, I also felt, and so do feel that there comes a point as a parent things can start to become both monotonous, and in turn become less of a learning and growing experience and more of just a need to survive the day to day.   Read More »

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I think it is time that I start to write again.  It has been probably close to 8+ months since I have.  SO much has gone since I last wrote.. and in some ways I dont mind that I am “Starting fresh” – I doubt many of my old readers will be reading, and in many ways that is ok too.  I can write more candidly if I dont know who is reading!  :) Read More »

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It has clearly been a LONG time since I posted on TLH.  Life has gotten in the way, but I still wanted to make sure that my note to Miss R. was written.

To my little bird, my chicken, my Roodles.  You turned 2 yesterday!  HOLY GUACAMOLY! We made it! haha. :)  but in all seriousness – you are the most amazing thing in the entire world to me.   Read More »

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