Being pregnant while already having a toddler is no walk in the park.  I know that some women feel AMAZING and LOOOOOVE being pregnant and it is no big deal however, that is not me.  I DO feel fortunate that up until this point everything is going smoothly and I feel and look much better then 1st time around.  However it is not easier to carry another little person around, sit on the floor and play, I have less patience for antics, Im tired ALL the time, and much more.

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A little while back (oh say like 6mns or so ago ha!) I decided it was time to redesign our breakfast nook area.  I REALLY hated how the space was not really functional.  It also did not make the best USE of the space we have… which is a fairly generous space actually.  I am also a storage nut. Read More »

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So with the weather not so hot (until this past weekend!) I decided to try an art project or 2 with Remy to kill time and possibly create something that would be a nice keepsake that I wouldnt mind possibly hanging on the walls of our home :) I did 2 projects on 2 different days.   The 1st one I did was definitely the keepsake one, while the other one I think could have been better had I been more prepared – Ill explain how when I do the entry on it. Read More »

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Group Friendship


I think there is a big difference between knowing a group people yet you have individual close friendships within that group.  You tend to come together for a one off night out, or come together to help each other during a time of need. Verse having a true “group friendship”  one where there becomes no sense of individuality when outsiders are looking in,   one that almost feels as though privacy is hard to rely on, separate relationships amongst each other cause rifts or jealousy, that “shit” is talked, and no secret is really a secret. You are not always included or thought of outside of the group because it feels so insular.   Dont get me wrong – “group friendships” can also be amazing, they always start off making each other feel special, wanted, needed, important, cherished, part of something secret, coveted even! Read More »

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Well, we did it.  We have a little girl in a big girl bed :)  We actually transitioned R. over to her toddler bed about a week before christmas.  It all started one afternoon when baby bird started crying hysterically after not sleeping for 45mins in her crib at nap time. This had been going on and off for a few weeks, but I randomly said that afternoon when I was sad she was crying – “Do you want to go and sleep in Daddy’s office bed?” and she said YES! So I told her that she wasnt allowed to get out of the bed and she could sleep in there… Low and behold, 3hrs later, she was still in the bed, all cozy and warm.   Read More »

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Wordless Wednesday


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Potty Training



OMG potty training is so ridiculously time consumingly overwhelming.  All every parent wants is to not have to change another diaper or wipe another tush.  Yet, getting to that point is not as easy, or as rosie as one might think.  Yah, yah, you hear all these stories about how someone’s kid was “potty trained” in 5 seconds or never had an accident, blah blah blah bullshit!   Read More »

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Ok, flat out, gonna say it.  We (or I) am crazy and apparently Im a gluton for punishment.  For YEARS I have wanted to get a second dog  - Mind you I wanted to get this dog BEFORE we had kids, but my lovely hubs was not ready for it.  On and off for let say, oh 8 years. I have been harassing M. with photos of cute little brusselie babies off the brussels griffon rescue website (btw, an amazing organization with all volunteers, etc… please donate if you have a heart and love the griffs! or dogs!) Anyways for approx 8 years he has said NO to all my pleas.. Randomly about 4 months ago I showed M. FB friends photo who fosters for the NBGR.. it was of this ADORABLE 5mn old puppy named Verdell. Read More »

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