New Years Day 2013

2012 was an interestingly hard year.  When it started our little bird was a tiny little thing and only 1mn and 3 weeks old.  I NEVER knew how hard it would be to be a mom and to take care of a baby.  I had always been a baby sitter, but to have my own has been a swift kick in the butt HAHA!  I learned a lot about myself, my husband… I made new amazing friends who were my unwavering support, I became closer with my MIL, and saw my own moms eyes light up with new joy whenever she got to see and be with her granddaughter.  I also learned that maybe work was not the MOST important thing in my life.. and while I have experienced many successes with my business it does not compare the success I see every day within my own little girl. Read More »

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Ok, So about a month ago I was selected to do a review on a new online payment service by Visa called, is pretty simple.  you go to Visa’s website, and create a free account.  After the account has been made you type in the credit card(s) of your choice, your billing info, and your desired shipping info. So you are probably asking.. ok, why? Or maybe seems kinda lame and does not have much purpose.. BUT for a personal online lovin’ shopper like myself  it is a safe, secure, site to store your credit card info/shipping info so that you do not need to whip out the CC every time you want to make an online purchase.  So yah, it is pretty great.. because you can shop till you drop without blinking an eye!  When I signed on to do this review I was required to sign up, and use the service to make a purchase.  After searching around their website I found a list of the sites that currently participate in and opted to try the service for a purchase on LivingSocial.

At first it was a little confusing, since I usually have the auto-pay on LivingSocial and saw that they have a “Change payment” options.. which allowed me to sign in to and make my purchase!  It was super easy to use.  I was then able to enjoy a wonderful dinner out with McMorg and Crazy Baby.  (So, you might notice that I “purchased” ice cream via LS, well I took ALL these photos for my purchase to a restaurant, and when I went to find them, they were MISSING! Sooo I reenacted the purchase for you all to see)

Ok, so here are my few MINOR critiques regarding

1.  I would have preferred a simple short paragraph telling me about and what it does rather then a video.  I have a young child, I dont usually have time to watch a video.. but I can quickly read something to know if I would like to sign up.

2. The list of currently participating online stores was not accessible AT ALL.. UNLESS you signed up and created an account. I get it, Visa wants  you to sign up rather then see if you like any of the stores, and if you dont you leave… but I found it a little annoying that I had to go through all the steps in order to see if I would be using it.

2. Then, once I was signed up the list was hidden under the “customer service” link… which wasnt a place I might have looked initially… I know I only did it because I wanted to scope everything out for the review.  It should have its own spot where consumers can easily find it!

3. I realized only after signing up and seeing the list of storefronts that were participating that the BUSINESS also needs to sign up and be willing to create a payment option on their site in order for you to pay via…. I am not truly sure if this is even possible BUT if you were able to sign into when you started your online shopping experience, then since you are signed in, you could use it as a maybe a shopping cart service regardless of your shopping destination so you could utilize the 1-click payment/shipping experience I think it could be an amazing service that could change the way we shop online.

With all that said here is my final verdict.  I think is great idea, yes, it has some website quirks, and storefronts need to get on board to really use it to its fullest BUT it is def. something that you should sign up and try out… why not, what do you have to lose? It really does make your shopping experience that much easier and more streamlined.


This post is brought to you by by Visa. Online payment. Simple and secure.

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Last weekend I attended a Latka Party at Staceys’ house… yummy latkas (latkes). What’s not to like? Fried potatoes! Now, Chanukah is in full swing. I wanted to dedicate this post to DIY Chanukah crafts.

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Instagram #3


The love between a kid and their pooch, indefinite.

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I realized not too long ago as I crept back into bed to join my little family while my little bird had her first bottle of the day, all nuzzled up in between our pillows, kicking her little legs in happiness as she saw me lay down next to her that it dawned on me.  I really love her.  I mean I REALLY love her.  It took me a while to feel this way.  Im sure I have always loved her in some way, in that parental, instinctual, must-love way … but maybe at around 7-8mns old did I  realize how much I LOVE HER. Read More »

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I recently listened to a wonderful woman named Jen Roe, who writes a blog on her weight loss/running journey called See Jen Roe Run speak at my MIM group.  While she was speaking she mentioned that in one of her self help books she read a while back it recommended writing a list of 100 things you’d like to accomplish.. Read More »

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A Day of Silence


In honor of 9.11  I am taking a day of silence.


Photo Tip Tuesday will resume next week.



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I think about this topic almost daily.  It is something as an only child myself struggle with.   When I was younger, my motto was always, “5 kids and a tummy tuck!” Then, before I got pregnant with little bird Morgan and I had visions of 4 kiddos running around the house, creating a large, close-knit family.  THEN I got preggers and I HATED it! All the excitement about feeling beautiful, looking all glow-y, all that never happened.  I just felt like a gross blob who watched ghost whisperer 24/7 in the bathroom in between throwing up, I never had the time to nest, or relax.. nope I renovated a house, fought with contractors and shot 18 weddings! Soooo Morgan and I revisited our 4 kids idea and decided that 2 would be fine.  WELL, as you all know Miss R. entered the world as a mini force to reckoned with and threw us yet another big curve ball!  Many times since in the last 9mns have I heard the worlds come out of Morgan’s mouth “This kid is going to be an only child!” and sadly, sometimes I think I might agree with him.  I do know that I am a little scared to be preggers, have another preemie, or drama-mama baby… but Im also not scared of those things… I think, none of those things could be much worse then I already experienced, so what the hell, just go for round 2!  Really, the part about siblings that I am not sure about have very little to do with being preggers or dealing with another newborn but really are all the things I want to do, show, and experience with her that I fear will be harder or compromised by having more kids.  I have big dreams of traveling with her, just she and I, I also want her to experience all the wonderful things I was able to do but wonder how will we be able to do or afford those things if we have more kids?  I think because I am the only I am not able to see how it is all possible.  BUT, on the flip side, there are SO many wonderful things that come with having a brother or sister that I am SO TORN. I do know that if we want another one we want them to be close together in age so we need to decide in the near future.  What are your thoughts, how many of you are ONE AND DONE or are planning to have more?  Any advice or feedback you’d like to offer?

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Yesterday, Sunday Morgan, little bird, and I took a little trip over to the NJ Wine Festival located over at Demarest Farms in Hillsdale NJ.  It was something I had seen a few signs for and thought it would be a fun little afternoon trip for the three of us.  A good way to get us out of the house on a weekend I have off.  So we packed up little bird and knowing she would possibly fall asleep prepared for our 20min drive on over to Demarest Farms… Which I loooove BTW!   Read More »

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OR until spazzy MaGee girl realizes that sitting up in her crib at both 12am and then again at 3am are really NOT that awesome!  Wow oh wow, is she a piece of work!   Read More »

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