Today marks the end (most likely) of my 8mn 11 day journey of breastfeeding L.  as I write this and the sadness that this will most likely be the 1st and last time I get to really BF one of my babies it is a chapter I knew would eventually come to a close.  It has been an interesting, sometimes stressful, but overall enjoyable experience. Read More »

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Motherhood sucks


There are some days that just seem to go smoothly – but those days are few and far between.  Other days, I miss my former life.  The one where I lived in a little NYC apartment working with my pooch on my lap – taking breaks to go to the dog run or have lunch with a friend.  Days when I got up early because it was what I wanted to do – not become a little person was crying for me or waking me from slumber.  Days when I took a bath mid-afternoon without worrying if someone will wake before I wash my hair.  Someone is always spitting up, crying, whining, needing, wanting, pooping, peeing, eating, sleeping, NOT sleeping, tantrum throwing, asking, lap sitting, uppy-needing, and more.  I know that I should be grateful that I have these 2 beautiful people that I created but in all honesty – sometimes my lap doesnt want to be sat on, I dont want to look at one more balloon picture, and Im tired of doing the Ferber method for the 18 thousand time in 1 day.  I do love being a mom – but it is the most taxing, overwhelming, never ending, thankless job I have ever done.  One day when my girls are grown I will miss these days – but right now while in the thick of it, Im just tired and ready for the day to end.

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So our sweet little baby girl Luca Pearl was born this past Monday morning at 11:34AM.  Unlike her delicious older sister little miss Lulu was fortunate enough to have a fairly uneventful pregnancy, carried till full term and she was born exactly on her due date via VBAC.  Her birth date is extra special, as it not only is the day she was born, but it was also my parents wedding anniversary.  Knowing that she was born on that day gives me comfort knowing that my dad is watching over both our little girls.  This time around Morgan and I were more prepared in many ways :)  


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Being pregnant while already having a toddler is no walk in the park.  I know that some women feel AMAZING and LOOOOOVE being pregnant and it is no big deal however, that is not me.  I DO feel fortunate that up until this point everything is going smoothly and I feel and look much better then 1st time around.  However it is not easier to carry another little person around, sit on the floor and play, I have less patience for antics, Im tired ALL the time, and much more.

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So with the weather not so hot (until this past weekend!) I decided to try an art project or 2 with Remy to kill time and possibly create something that would be a nice keepsake that I wouldnt mind possibly hanging on the walls of our home :) I did 2 projects on 2 different days.   The 1st one I did was definitely the keepsake one, while the other one I think could have been better had I been more prepared – Ill explain how when I do the entry on it. Read More »

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Well, we did it.  We have a little girl in a big girl bed :)  We actually transitioned R. over to her toddler bed about a week before christmas.  It all started one afternoon when baby bird started crying hysterically after not sleeping for 45mins in her crib at nap time. This had been going on and off for a few weeks, but I randomly said that afternoon when I was sad she was crying – “Do you want to go and sleep in Daddy’s office bed?” and she said YES! So I told her that she wasnt allowed to get out of the bed and she could sleep in there… Low and behold, 3hrs later, she was still in the bed, all cozy and warm.   Read More »

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Potty Training



OMG potty training is so ridiculously time consumingly overwhelming.  All every parent wants is to not have to change another diaper or wipe another tush.  Yet, getting to that point is not as easy, or as rosie as one might think.  Yah, yah, you hear all these stories about how someone’s kid was “potty trained” in 5 seconds or never had an accident, blah blah blah bullshit!   Read More »

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I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our little girl.  She is my most important person, my best friend (At 2! haha) and is amazing.  She is actually overall a blessing of a 2 yr old.  She has a pleasant personality, the sweetest little thing.  As I like to say, She is candy for my soul.  HOWEVER, this winter, has tried my patience a bit.  I know it is a combination of MANY things.   Read More »

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snowman 13 060

This past summer (I know that was a LONG time ago now) M. and I decided that we wanted to send R. to “School”.  Im sure many people were wondering – why the heck do you want to send your (then) 20mn old off to school?! Dont you want to spend as MUCH time with her before pre-k/kindergarden or before you have another baby?  While yes, of course I do!  However, I also felt, and so do feel that there comes a point as a parent things can start to become both monotonous, and in turn become less of a learning and growing experience and more of just a need to survive the day to day.   Read More »

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Do you ever find that life gets so busy with everything that you barely have a moment to breath, think, let alone WRITE. That is where I am.  A good thing, but a thing none the less. We have been so busy with it all that I have neglected other things, like my pet project… this BLOG!  I am currently sitting here in Sag Harbor enjoy some down time while my little peanut takes a nap.  It has been a LONG 2 days.  My mom and I decided that it would be a “great” idea to go on a little trip to Montauk together with R.  as our mothers day presents to each other.. and on the way home we are able to spend time with my dear dear friend Ilene YAH!!  So, anyways, we packed up our stuff, and my little one and hit the road… but not too long into the trip I realized, maybe this is not the BEST idea I have ever had.  See, my mom is great, we love each other, we can have fun together, she LOVES my R. BUT it is becoming more and more difficult to travel together.  We have always fought when we go on a vacation together, but when it is just the 2 of us it is easier to ignore, deal with it, spend time apart, etc… with my little girl involved for ME it is less about enjoying the place we are in, and forget about relaxing! It is really still making R. my priority and putting her needs first.  She needs to eat, snack, nap, diaper changes, eat, snack, bath, and bed.  My mom on the other hand wants to “relax” and have a vacation… UM, then you should NOT go away with your type -a daughter and her drama queen baby, she see’s me struggle to do something but instead of helping she is tanning.  So, while my mom is helpful when we are at home, and I can drop R. off with her and she can do as she sees fit, when we are together attempting to vacation, it is a disaster and I am starting to think that until my daughter is older and can fly by the seat of her pants the way my mom would like to do, or go on adventures, or take the scenic route home,  and  she can express her needs/wants in more ways then just saying EEE-EEE (aka EAT), cry, or squeal with delight that we are better off vacationing either separately or leaving my munchkin at home.  Have any of you traveled with someone other then your parental partner?  If so how did it go? Better then me Im hoping!

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