It has clearly been a LONG time since I posted on TLH.  Life has gotten in the way, but I still wanted to make sure that my note to Miss R. was written.

To my little bird, my chicken, my Roodles.  You turned 2 yesterday!  HOLY GUACAMOLY! We made it! haha. :)  but in all seriousness – you are the most amazing thing in the entire world to me.   Read More »

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Happy 18mns to you my sweet sweet little baby bird.  You are just incredible!  I am so proud of how far we as a little family have come and how wonderfully amazing you are turning out to be.  At 18mns you are 20lbs 2oz (woot woot! we reached 20lbs!) and 30 1/4 inches tall.  You have a beautiful blue eyes and a sweet head of slowly growing blonde hair :) . You have FINALLY started to use your little voice.  Currently you can say, Mama, Dada, dog, up, down, done, more, cracker, hi, banana, water, ball, toe, eye, balloon, george (for curious george), you also can ROAR, tweet, woof , meow, quack, ribbit, oo-oo-aa-aa, vroom, beep-beep, and more.  You have figured out how to use a zipper and because of this we can no longer have you sleep in a sleep sack.   You have an obsession with shoes and insist on putting them on yourself!

You are getting 2 more teeth, which has led to some rough nights, but not the worst we have had to deal with.  Every morning you wake up with a smile on your face ready to explore and enjoy a new day.  My favorite thing you do right now is point to something you like or tell me what it is.. you then wave, say hi, and blow it a kiss. It is just too much! You say Dada, dada, dada, dada, dada all day long, and blow kisses to his pictures but when you SEE him.. nope, you are too shy :)  You are learning to share, take turns, and play along side your friends whom you are starting to recognize and remember.  You have a firecracker personality that I would never trade for another.

Overall you are a happy, sweet, loving little angel and Im so honored that you are mine.   I love you to the moon and back!

Love ~ your Mama, Dada and Wickie too!

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Yesterday, April 10th my little bird turned 17mns.  (It has been almost a month since I last wrote, sorry folks, nothing was inspiring me enough to write, but Im feeling it a bit more) Anyways… My sweet little drama queen goof ball is really turning into something quite lovely.  Recently you have become a little love ball. Giving me hugs and kisses, and whines (not my favorite thing) for me to hold her and be with you.   Read More »

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Hey there my little bird. Yesterday you turned 16mns old and a little firecracker you most certainly are! At 15.5mns you weighted 19lbs 8oz and were 29.5in tall. Your sweet little head is starting to grow some cute little blonde locks.. With some cutie curls in the back.. I can’t wait to see you with actual hair that I can pull into a pony! You walk, run, climb, roll, flop, all over the place and it is the most fun yet to be with you as you are truly a little person now :) . We are still waiting for you to talk.  You currently say “HI”, sometimes grace us with a mama and dada.. And your favorite, DA! For dog. You do communicate with sign language so we are all not at a total loss for your needs! You have a love for all things doggies, your blankies, and a pair of ugly ass Payless shoes you always like to wear!

Currently you do a lot of whining at me to hold you and you have become more snugly and enjoy watching the wiggles curious george, and Mickey Mouse with us. We still struggle with having you let go of the bottle and sometimes even at night.. but overall you are becoming a joy to be around and continue to be the light of our lives.

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Dear Little Baby Bird.

Today you a 14mns old and I am LOVING this time in your life.  You are just AMAZING. Walking, and saying Ma-Ma (sometimes) DAAA-DAAAA, and your favorite word.. DA!!!  You love our little Wickie even when he licks you and steals your toys, snuggling up with your beloved “blankies” and giving me baby snuggles and as we call them “baby humps” haha! You make me laugh every day with your funny antics and you just revel in the idea that YOU are making ME laugh, which makes you do whatever you are doing happen over and over!  You looove bath time, and hate diaper changes.  You are still HATE the carseat and def. not the best eater on the block, but we have to just learn to get over it. Read More »

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Hello Little Bird.  Tomorrow you will be 9 months old!  Holy cow how time is flying by!!! Every moment of every day that we are with you is becoming something more and more amazing.  You have as always, put us to the test with your ever changing antics but we are proving to be resilient and together as a team can take on any challenge that life may throw at us. Read More »

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BTW, In case you didnt notice everything is all messed up on TLH this week.. This has been a tough week for me so far.  I took Remy to the pedi on Monday and they said she had a bronchial infection of some sort and they gave me a nebulizer to give to her 4x a day in addition to me giving her the prevacid, vitamins, cough meds AND feeding her solids for almost all her meals!  OH, and I was sick on top of it all! Sick enough that I had to ask Morgan to work from home to help me out with little miss so I could go to the Dr myself and try to get a little bit better. In addition to all that, this week my little bird turned 7mns old!   Read More »

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