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SO sorry I have been MIA for a while.. I havent been feeling the greatest and Im trying to take it easy and chill ~ since I need to save energy for when we FINALLY close on the friggin house and DEMO starts to take place!!!  Anyways, I wanted to pass along 2 great resources I have found recently.  The 1st is a place in Nanuet NY.. which is RIGHT on the NJ boarder.. Also it is next door to the famous and amazing Rockland Bakery! So you can check out some awesome home reno stuff AND load up on fabulous carbs!

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Earth Day



Did you know today is Earth Day? If not, mark your calendars!

Stacey tries to be as green as possible and I think it’s very important to give back to the community, especially when it’s about helping the environment. So, we’re dedicating this post to Earth Day.

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Stacey Likes: Sofas



I LOOOOVE me a comfy couch!  I know, you’re thinking.. really who DOESNT!? But there are people out there that design over comfort is more important… or they picked up a free couch and free is better then spending $$! So I get it :) but I am was one of those people who went to over 30, YES, 30 stores to find the PERFECT COUCH, it had to be just the right size and perfect for falling asleep on!  Personally Im a leather couch kinda gal, but I know that is not for everyone.  I am also a chaise lovin, sectional kinda person too.. so Im praying that our beloved couch will fit in our up and coming future living room (fingers crossed) In the meantime here are some different sofa’s for you to scope out.. I noticed when looking back at the photos I tend to go for either brown or light colored sofa’s..but many, if not all of these come in numerous color options.

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Between picking out sofas and coffee tables, the ottoman tends to be ignored because its reputation is just something used to hold up feet. Today’s foot rests have come a long way making it not only useful, but stylish.

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Mom and I as we headed in

This past weekend my mom and I trekked up to Franklin NJ for the “Monster Garage Sale” Where we found lots of different things.. but A LOT of baby stuff! Anyways, we had a blast scoping it all out… I managed to acuire 3 welsh jelly glasses, a woody woodpecker glass, a vintage green glass, and a 70s polariod land camera ~ with about 50 polaroids ranging from 74-79 almost all the photos taken were of this guy and his dog ~ sheba (he had her name and date of photo written on the back!) All of these worldly purchases cost me $5.50.  After that we headed out to the town of Waldwick for the Town-wide garage sale.. where 98 homes participated in getting rid of their junk! There are many ways to find out about your state’s local garage/yard sales besides the normal drive around until you find one routine… Below is a list of links for some of the ways I have found sales in the past. In the meantime, enjoy some photos from MONSTER GARAGE!!!! :)

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Your bed is the focal point of your room.. however there are MANY different ways to showcase that focal point.  Even now I am still searching and trying to decide what we should go with next for our bedroom, guest room, kids room, all that jazz! I am conflicted.  Do I go with a dramatic tall bedframe, a simple platform bed with no frame and make the focus a painting or photograph, do I keep what I already have? Do we get something with a footboard, since they help keep the sheets on the bed (an ongoing problem for us! ~ read this latest Apartment Therapy post for some advice and answers) I also am drawn to the wrought iron vintage frames (for a kids room mainly) but does it look too “girly” what if we one day have a boy and not a girl! What if the style bedframe we like doesnt go with the style of our home?  So many options, styles, decisions to make!  Here are some of my favorites that I have come across that I am constantly drawn to.

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Of all the furniture pieces related to dining rooms, I particularly enjoy looking at dining tables. I’ve thought about why over the years, and all I can really say is eating as a family has been instilled in me since childhood. No matter how busy our lives were, our family would find time to sit down and eat together for dinner. Since the dining table is such an important piece of furniture in my home, I’d like to invite you to share dinner over these dining tables I’ve found. Read More »

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So we FINALLY heard back from the seller’s attorney today… PHEW! Well it is all good news!  She reviewed, commented, met with an electrician and plumber, agreed to fix a fence and gate, an offered us some mullah back so that we can continue to fix a few of the larger items on the list.  She did not however agree to fix the gutters or siding of the house.. which (besides the electrical panel) was my biggest concern… However, with knowledge in hand about the siding (which is all cedar plank) see image below ~ which is NOT our house, but just an example of what cedar plank looks like.


I think that if after clean the gutters, clear some small but tall trees and move the downspouts away from the house we dont see an improvement we will need to invest some major $ into fiber-cement siding ~ which is awesome!  It was made popular by this guy, James Hardie.. so one of the most popular brands is called “hardiplank”.  I did a little bit of searching and pricing around for people in my area who do this sort of thing and think I found the right guy, but won’t know for sure until we are in the house and get an estimate if we are going to need to splurge on this outdoor project or if we can wait for a bit to get it done. BUT the benefit to fiber-cement siding is that it is virtually maintenance free, lasts MUCH longer then wood siding, and unlike vinyl is not bad for the environment.  Below is a composite of a ranch home ~ not OUR ranch home (I wish!) but just one on the James Hardie website.. where you can play around with style homes, colors, and different hardiplank options… Ohh.. Im in siding heaven! :)  I THINK we might want to go with… as long as it looks good in person..our house to be is set in a much more wooded surrounding…

I’d love to hear your thoughts on both types of siding.. ceder vs fiber-cement. Also if anyone has a fiber-cement home, please let me know what you think!  leave a comment! :)

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Photo of Wickett & M.

While today’s post might not be DIRECTLY related to home design, decor, or renovation it is about a VERY (in my opinion) important member of the family.  The pooch! Im not sure how many people out there just let their furry friends out into the yard or for a quick walk around the block.. but since my dog was a “city dog” until a year ago he is used to going everywhere with me, enjoys playing with his other poochy friends, and going on fairly long walks.  While this winter did not prove to be very Wickett-friendly but as the weather is warming I like to try to take him on different adventures at least once a week to a new place to see what is out there!  If you dont live in NNJ but are curious to how I found some of these.. I just put into google “dog parks, NJ” some cities like NYC have resources like UrbanHound or the NYC parks.gov but us folks out in NJ dont have anything quite as cool just yet.. so here are some of the places I know of in the nearby area OR that I plan to check out when the weather gets nicer!

Here is a website in Beta that is for finding out about different dog friendly travel, parks, etc.. DOG GOES

Fun New Jersey.com ~ has a BUNCH of spots listed..some I had never heard of which is great! (plus other stuff to do in NJ)

Brookdale Dog Park ~ Montclair NJ great park has big and small runs + some agility stuff in the run to use

Ramapo Valley Reservation ~ Not a DOG PARK, but a national reservation that is dog friendly.. and (I THINK) on tuesdays they have a dog group that gets together for walks

Lyndhurst Dog Park ~ this park is RIGHT near our condo.. which is great.. close enough to walk, but not safe due to the highway overpass.. It’s a pretty big run with a big/small runs people are nice, but lots of big dogs

Hoboken Dog Association ~ this website seems to have a list of most if not all of the Hoboken dog runs as well as info on a few other non-Hobo spots like Jersey City + info on some parks and dog friendly beaches!

Wood Dale Dog Park ~ Woodcliff lake, NJ have not been to or heard about this one yet, but going to check it out for sure!

Ridgewood Duck Pond ~ Ridgewood, NJ has both big/small runs.. LOTS of big dogs in the big run… no place to really sit when in there, but good spot in a pinch! Has a stream off to the back of the run that dogs go in during the summer

Hike with your Dog ~ a website with all the different NJ state parks that are dog friendly to go hiking with your four-legged friend



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I know we live in an a digital world and while I am part of that digital experience I cant help but still love the feeling of a magazine between my fingers, the dog-earring of pages I want to keep for future reference and the simplicity a magazine can bring you rather then the over load of website and link followed by more links and so on. Read More »

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