Well, we did it.  We have a little girl in a big girl bed :)  We actually transitioned R. over to her toddler bed about a week before christmas.  It all started one afternoon when baby bird started crying hysterically after not sleeping for 45mins in her crib at nap time. This had been going on and off for a few weeks, but I randomly said that afternoon when I was sad she was crying – “Do you want to go and sleep in Daddy’s office bed?” and she said YES! So I told her that she wasnt allowed to get out of the bed and she could sleep in there… Low and behold, 3hrs later, she was still in the bed, all cozy and warm.   Read More »

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Toddler Moments


Toddler moment:
R: sitting in our bed “reading” the one step ahead circular. Says to me- “no baby in book in bathtub!”
Me: but the baby needs to get clean too!
R: “no, baby stay dirty”


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