Gift and Review Disclosure
This Lovely Home exists to share my own personal experiences, adventures, and learned knowledge in both parenting and photography. As such, I talk a lot about products I buy and use for my own use and recommend products for my readers to try.

Coming soon ~ a link for all reviews and contests.

As mentioned above, I do accept and review samples and free products if I feel the product would interest my readership. Should those products appear in any post anywhere on the site, they will be identified as review items and/or listed as “courtesy of” the company of origin.

Compensation Disclosure
In the interest of full disclosure, I have created affiliate advertising relationships with a number of companies. I will receive commission from affiliate partners when readers click, buy, or shop their offers.
When an exact item that I have spoken about or featured in post is unable to be linked directly it will be noted so that you, the readers know. Whenever possible I will link directly to the products being featured, OR a google search for that item  regardless of if I can create an affiliate link that will earn me income.

I do accept sponsorships for specific posts – where I might write a review of a product in exchange for payment but the review will be HONEST.  The good, the bad, or even the ugly! Currently, at this time NONE of my product reviews have been paid for sponsors.  Any reviews you have read thus far, I have received gratis in exchange for a review OR I have reviewed a product just because it is an item I believe in, like, or even dislike.

Most of time I purchase products, clothing, food, whatever! Because it is what is of interest to me or in the best interest of my family… it has nothing to do with the blog and making money off of using that item.  Much of the time I end up speaking about a product either to share my new found knowledge or at the request of a viewer who wants some information.  Sometimes it is impossible for me to link solely to items that I’ve vetted and tried myself. However I link to vendors that I either know from past experience, or whose merchandise meets my personal standards of purchase. Although some links send you to eBay or Amazon search results where you have to make the call yourself, I would never link to vendors that I wouldn’t buy from personally. The idea is not merely to generate income for me, but also to create access to items like the ones that I own, and save readers the work of having to track these items down.
Effective August 14th 2012, I will include a disclosure statement on every post/article where the direct action spoken of in the article will generate compensation (i.e. – if you click through a link, then I receive a commission).  However, some links in a post are NOT compensation links, but rather informational.. i.e. a link speaking about a TYPE of camera might redirect you to wiki for a description.  Many times, if you scroll over a link it will inform you of this information.

This Lovely Home also contains paid advertising through a relationship with the Lijit ad network. I am paid for each impression of their advertising that appears on This Lovely Home and receive additional compensation when readers click on an ad.

Commitment to Mission
My goal is to not only be a source of enjoyment by reading my personal stories but to also gain knowledge, confidence, and to realize that parenting is hard and can suck but that we all get through it and have these amazing little people to watch grow and change who we shape with our own experiences and personalities also to remind people that it is OK if it sucks and is hard!  Oh, and Ill share with you some photo tips along the way! :)

I am taking additional steps to become an independent worker who can focus more of my energy and time on This Lovely Home so that I may have the necessary flexibility and financial stability to achieve this goal.
But I will absolutely never recommend a product or promote anything that is inconsistent with the mission of This Lovely Home, even if I could make loads of money doing it. I am contacted regularly and asked to promote all kinds of products and services that I decline because they do not serve you, the readers, or This Lovely Home’s purpose.
If you find my efforts valuable, please interact with the site by clicking, registering and buying affiliate offers here, as this is one of the ways in which I am compensated for my time.

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