Adding another dog to the family


Ok, flat out, gonna say it.  We (or I) am crazy and apparently Im a gluton for punishment.  For YEARS I have wanted to get a second dog  - Mind you I wanted to get this dog BEFORE we had kids, but my lovely hubs was not ready for it.  On and off for let say, oh 8 years. I have been harassing M. with photos of cute little brusselie babies off the brussels griffon rescue website (btw, an amazing organization with all volunteers, etc… please donate if you have a heart and love the griffs! or dogs!) Anyways for approx 8 years he has said NO to all my pleas.. Randomly about 4 months ago I showed M. FB friends photo who fosters for the NBGR.. it was of this ADORABLE 5mn old puppy named Verdell.

“You should reach out to her and see how hard it would be to adopt him. Wickett is getting older, R. is a good age, we dont have another baby YET,” M. says to me.  Sooo jumping on the chance, I said OK and did just that!  Well, after some back and forth we drive 5hrs up to NH and stay the night spending time and taking home our newest, dopey-est  addition.. VERN (formerly known as Verdell).

We knew before we got him that he was a PUPPY.  Not at all like my Wickett.. who was this sweet, old soul from moment 1.  Vern is a bit of a spaz, a rascal, and very strong willed.  Dont get me wrong, I adore him.  But coupled with this horribly snowy winter, a bunch of food/pooping issues, having a toddler and being pregnant it has been interesting.  I have learned a lot about myself and what my threshold is for puppy patience, I have also had to deal with dog training hurdles I never had to deal with before.  Who knew that there was such a thing as “sympathy poop eating”  well – my dog does it. ONLY when he sees another dog do it… so thankfully, being around W. has made that go away! THANK GOD! I have also never had a dominant personality before with my dog- Vern thinks he can rule the roost and interject his little body into EVERYTHING Im doing – even if it means cleaning R.’s boogie nose – he is THERE! I have learned that kibble is harder to digest and has more starchy foods so it can cause more pooping – which was making it IMPOSSIBLE to train him! SO, now both dogs eat holistic raw food, and Vern is a chow hound – so no more put the food out and just go.

I will say, he is a sweetie.. not quite as in-tune with us as Wickett is… but he has his moments.  From moment 1 of meeting R. he has been AMAZING with her.  He KNOWS she is a baby, and he KNOWS she is queen.  So on the toddler-dog front we have been blessed.  He has also brought Wick back out of his shell.  W. is generally a very friendly, playful dog – but as he has gotten older, and we have moved away from NYC and super dog-sentric places he had become a bit grouchy… With Vern in the picture, he has become more playful with other dogs again and more active, which is awesome.

Needless to say, he is here to stay.  We are just praying some of his puppy quirkiness will fade away with age.  BUT word to the wise.  IF you are thinking of getting a dog, or getting another dog and you have a lot going on- with family, babies, work, etc… WAIT!  There will ALWAYS be a wonderful little fur baby waiting in the wings.


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