Im back. For how long.. who knows!


I think it is time that I start to write again.  It has been probably close to 8+ months since I have.  SO much has gone since I last wrote.. and in some ways I dont mind that I am “Starting fresh” – I doubt many of my old readers will be reading, and in many ways that is ok too.  I can write more candidly if I dont know who is reading!  :)  Since the last time I TRULY wrote Miss R. was only 20mns old!  NOT EVEN 2! A lot has taken place.. We fixed up our basement, R. turned 2 officially, she goes to “School” 3x a week, we added another 4-legged friend to our family, we transitioned to a toddler bed, we are working on potty training, we visited Disney World, I have been having lots of ups and downs in general, and most excitedly we are adding another BABY to our family in JUNE! Another little girl!! woot woot!!  I plan to talk about all these subjects at length and re-hash on them as best I can.. tell you my thoughts, feelings, personal experiences, etc… So, for those who are reading great!  Those who arent, all good too, you dont know what you are missing!!!  In the meantime, a beautiful photo of my little angel to brighten your still snowy (but currently warmer) Sunday.  XO-S

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