Udi’s Hamburger/Hotdog bun Review


This is probably one of my most recent favorite products to review.  If many of you dont already know it, I am Gluten Free.  There are worse things in life to have to be, and it def. forces you to have to think more about the choices in food you put in your mouth, BUT Udi‘s makes it  A LOT easier!  I signed up to review their hotdog and hamburger buns and a few days later this AMAZING box of goodies was on my doorsteps! So I told M. we HAD to bbq immediately so I could try out the buns!  The very next day we had some burgers grilling up outside and I made myself a delicious hamburger WITH A BUN!!! (something us GF folks dont get to do too often!)  It was AWESOME!  I will say this, the bun if very thick.. thicker then a reg hamburger (or if having a hotdog, same thing) BUT, it terms of texture, moist-ness, etc it was def just as good as a reg bun!  There are not many good GF products, but overall Udi‘s makes some really great ones!  Since my BBQ bun experience ( I had a hot dog about 2 weeks later.. and just as yummy as the hamburger)  I have also tried their vanilla muffins ~ AMAZING, and their soft shelled tortilla’s ~ which I used to have hummus with.. also AMAZING!  I wasnt too into the pizza crust, but I cant tell if I put too much sauce and cheese, or did not let it cook long enough.. but it also might just be too thin for my liking… I also eat Udi’s breads on a regular basis and have always been very very very happy with their products.  Soooo with all that said, if you are GF and plan to bbq sometime soon, DEF give Udi’s a try, it will not disappoint!



*disclosure… I was not paid for this review, only received Udi’s products in exchange for my opinion*

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