A fool


I was taken for a fool.  I have been dealing with many contractors during this remodel process and while many of them have been great to work with.. some that I KNOW I will be seeing again and happy to do more business with there is one is scamming me.. or trying to at least. :(  We need to get our backyard fixed. It is a mess… after taking out trees, putting in drains underground, pulling up big-ass rocks.. a mess! So upon another contractors rec. that we were working with we met with his friend.. a very nice seeming fellow we will call “BOB” well I gave BOB a deposit (which I had done with a few of my other contractors) HOWEVER, BOB did not show up for 3 weeks!  He brought some gravel, none of the other shipments of stone showed up.. neither did he, nor his “men” or equipement.  So after waiting patiently for 3 weeks and talking with him on the phone and listening to his excuses I decided that enough was enough and I wanted my money back so I could give someone else the job.  Someone I trusted! Well.. the day comes when he is supposed to give me the money.. he tells me he will have it on Monday (it is Friday and Im supposed to get my mulah back!)  I tell him too bad.. give me my money! He comes over with a check… little did I notice in my pregnant, upset state.. but the check was written from someone else’s account.. and not in my name, but to “cash”  FYI.. for those of you who dont know this… dont ever except a check from someone with the words “Cash” on it.. AND if you are ever trying to make sure you get your money back from someone.. it MUST be from THEIR account.. otherwise, the person who’s name is on the check is now responsible!  OH, and the check was post-dated to today!  So today comes, I go to the bank that the check is from… ask them if the funds are available… NOPE, there are not enough funds in the account I have a check from!  So I contact “BOB” and let him know Im getting the police involved… he then tells me he will give me cash tomorrow… do we believe him. NO! So my mom and I take a ride to the address he gave me for his home address… well there he is sitting on his front step chillin’.  He sees us.. and offers to give us some of the money today.. we take it a weak $500 of my MUCH larger amount due back to me.  WELL… Lets see if he shows tomorrow with the rest (or at least more)  I made sure to tell him that I will come back every day until I am paid back the amount due to me!  MANY I WAS A FOOL!  I just dont understand, why are people so dishonest and creepy!  I am so sad and frustrated with this experience.  I understand that times are hard.. but wouldnt you think that would give someone reason to do good by the person, since it will transpire into MORE work?

Has anything like this happened to anyone and if so, how did you handle it and get your $ back?  Thanks for listening!

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