A good day


Yesterday was a good day with my baby in my belly.  Not too many kicks or pains.  In addition things are moving along with our house and I feel like things are starting to move forward finally!

I have finally picked all my contractors (since I have been acting as G.C.) and they are all moving along nicely with their projects. I met with our plumber and went over the dimensions for the bathroom vanities… with that in mind I went back and scoped out ikea since they recently had their new catalog out.. and found the PERFECT vanities for our bathroom! They are perfect and not too expensive to boot! I feel a sense of relief that I have an idea in mind for our up and coming master bathroom.  It seems as though M. and I are in agreement on what the flooring should potentially be and love our new vanities and yesterday was a good baby belly day!  Check out the screen shot of my vanities and mirrors!


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