a quick little ditty


Hi Everyone.

MAN I have been MIA big time! well, for very good reason!  We have been chuggin’ along on the house as fast as we can so that we are in by the time our little one is here in Dec.  and we have been fortunate enough to have had some help come our way in the form on Morgan’s parents and my cousin..who spent the last week painting, assembling our PAIN-IN-THE-ASS Ikea kitchen, jimmy-rigging our beautiful stainless steel farmhouse sink, pulling  all the wood trim we already painted and replacing with new trim, having our hardwood floors installed, painting almost EVERY room in the house (we have 2 walls left in the living room) and a few more odds and ends that I think I might have forgotten along the way.  I have photos of EVERYTHING and many planned blog entries for you to see of our adventures but I just wanted to say hi and let you know Im still here, pregnant, remodeling, and moving right along.


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