Breakfast Nook Re-design


A little while back (oh say like 6mns or so ago ha!) I decided it was time to redesign our breakfast nook area.  I REALLY hated how the space was not really functional.  It also did not make the best USE of the space we have… which is a fairly generous space actually.  I am also a storage nut.  I wont lie, I dont always know how to make the best use of all the storage we do have – BUT I will always find a way to make an unstorage-d space into one that has dual purpose. with that in mind, I started to look around for idea’s on pinterest – here is my “kitchen ideas” board .   Originally I wanted to use a settee loveseat like this one from Target  but decided it would not make the best use of my space.  SO I M. to load up the car with a few different sized EXPEDIT bookcases from ikea and away we went! After the bookcase were installed I realized that I was also not making the most use of the new found bench seating.. I have a dream table in mind, but in the meantime – I found a really funky 1950′s dining table off of FB and had it stripped and re-painted white and red.  I then took a trip to Michael’s for some fabric – I will eventually add some vinyl clear fabric over the benches, but I will at that point probably pick new fabric as well.  In the meantime, it turned out pretty great and we are enjoying our new found space and storage!

Below is the before shot of the kitchen area

Inspiration for the breakfast nook benches

After with the expedit bookcases, cushion, and repainted $50 FB purchase! :)



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