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OMG, I am in love with my now BEAUTIFUL fireplace!  When we originally purchased our home one of the things I HATED about our house was the fireplace and the way it took over the ONLY wall in our home that made any sense in our oddly “mushroom” shaped living room to put our TV.  Also, when you have a fireplace, you want it to be the focus of the room, not the eyesore.  After living with the set up for almost 2 years, taking a few trips to a nearby fireplace shop, doing some quick simple price outs for other ideas such as refacing the entire thing in stacked stone, having a carpenter do built ins, etc… I turned as I always do for home reno projects to my friend and loving cousin Rob, who happens to be a contractor (in case you need his email for some projects of your own!… and we hashed out some ideas that would be more cost effective then some of my original ones.. because lets be real here.  I have champagne taste on prosecco budget (not really a beer drinker..the gluten and all :) ) .  I then turned to google and searched the interweb for new inspirations.  We then set a date in Jan for he and his trusted left hand man Jerry (also part of the family) to stay for the week and make my dream a reality!  So here it is, my beautiful, beautiful fireplace wall, and amazingly awesome fireplace glass rock insert (Also installed by Rob and Jerry)


Inspiration Image (found via



Fireplace glass rock insert


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