Ikea Kitchen program review


Raise your hand those of you who have design or attempted design an ikea kitchen layout?!

So after about 30 + mins of attempting to sign into my ikea account and 4 re-dos of my room layout and initial cabinet design I finally was able to save and continue working on laying out our up and coming kitchen which we plan (as of now) to order from ikea.  I will say however that for as much as I like the kitchen I plan to purchase I do have a pretty bad taste left in my mouth at the experience (and still experiencing) I had using their kitchen planner.  not only is it not easy to sign in half the time.. but it takes forever to load, when you want to pick a cabinet FOR the kitchen you think you should click and drag the cabinet of choice onto the floorplan but NOOOO.. you click and let go and it magically appears where ever on the page and then you need to try and drag it to the spot you want it.  THEN when you need to add in minor details like “filler space” sometimes it doesnt let you move it, resize it, or delete it…  I also noticed (and maybe Im just missing something) but if you want to change all your cabinets from one finish to the next you need to click on each individual cabinet and change them all separately. I know that this might be because you CAN mix and match, but it would be good if you could highlight some and maybe not others.  I then found out that when I was going through my item list, I am pretty sure it has included items that I did not want included.. but yet there is no “remove” option.. so now I need to go over every little detail with an ikea consultant (which was another story Ill get to in a second)  Lastly.. there was the problem with PRINTING.  I went to the option to “print all views” which might seem like a lot but I wanted to make sure that all electricians, contractors, ikea peeps, and myself had all the details.. BUT after about 5 tries at printing and crashing all THREE of my browsers I gave up.  I then tried to print 1 view.. that proved to crash as well.. so I have resorted to screen shots of the kitchen + I will now need to sign on at Ikea to go over the list of items and hopefully they can print it out for me.

Now onto ikea itself.  After doing much searching for the style cabinet M. and I were looking for we realized no one had a kitchen with the modern flare that we wanted at a reasonable price (Still going to do a bit more searching) then ikea.  So we accepted our fate of assembling all the cabinets and going that route.. well I wanted to learn more about the process and how to design the kitchen and what was and wasnt included in the cabinets.. so I head on over with my trusted sidekick, aka Mom and go to kitchens.  I see a woman in a yellow ikea shirt sitting their in kitchen not doing anything, talking to anyone.. nothing.  I approach and say “Excuse me, do you think you could help me with answering my questions and designing a kitchen?” To which she replies something along the lines of “Sorry miss but we are not here to help you design the kitchen, you can take a look around and go on the computer to design it.” Ok, I get it.. Im not in a custom kitchen showroom.. but she flat out told me NO she wasnt going to help me or explain anything ABOUT their kitchens, or even show me how to use the program… Well see.. there is NICE Stacey and NOT SO NICE Stacey.. lets guess at which one showed up at that moment??  Needless to say her superior came to her rescue after getting a few words from me.. who was VERY VERY helpful and nice and showed the program to me briefly, went over all the options and what is and isnt included all that good stuff.

Soo as of now I would have to give ikea on a scale of 1-10 a 3 for their kitchen design program for user-friendly-ness and a 1-that jumped to a 9 for store customer service.

In case you are interested, here are 2 screen shots of our kitchen-to-be. :)  Happy Friday everyone!

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