Planting in the front yard


HOUSE UPDATE!!!! Finally some stuff to show you :) We had been having some problems with a homes worst enemy, WATER! Why?

Most likely because we tore out about 30 trees/bushes and by doing that we also got rid of major root systems and the ground has had a lot of upheaval which it hasnt had EVER! So we have been working remedying this problem by doing a few different things..

1st. we got new 6in (which is larger then the standard 5in) gutters.

2nd. we had someone trench and pipe all the gutter downspouts so that they dont run into the house and the pool and allow us to grow grass and have a YARD!

3rd. we decided that rather then continue to try and trench the CRAP out of the yard.. because most likely the problem will still happen we felt we should try and less costly option, PLANTING! Sooo last week my Aunt came down from upstate to help teach me about plants and planting.. and that Saturday Morgan and I got up at 630, and we were at the house by 8am ready to go.

It wasnt such a simple process as put flowers in ground and POOF, DONE! NOPE, nothing, I mean NOTHING has been easy at this house!  Here are the steps we had to take to get that SMALL area to look the way it does now

1st needed to pull out many of the larger rocks and remove the old mulch

2nd we needed to grate the ground and move the dirt (which is more clay like) from the left of the area to the right so that it was more even and did not slope towards the house.

3rd Morgan had to take the garden ho and had to break up the dirt so that we could even START to plant.

4th We then decided where the rocks needed to go to line the area out

5th We placed the filter fabric and re-placed the plants so we knew where to plant them.

6th We cut X’s into the filter fabric so we could dig the holes for the plans

7th we PLANTED (which took FOREVER!) because the ground is hard and there are so many rocks!

8th we put rocks along the trim of the house so that it would slow down the water creeping into the house

9th we mulched over the top of the filter fabric

All-in-all the project took us 9hrs to plant those shrubs, grasses and flowers Here are some photos of the project

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