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So I am by no means a design guru… but I also feel as a homeowner and someone who enjoys learning, knowing, and doing a lot of projects in my own home (or if Im not doing them myself, Im acting as a “G.C.” in many ways).  So this topic came up today when a FB friend posted how she feels she is living in shitty kitchen hell!  While I can totally relate to having a shitty kitchen, I thankfully never had to use the one that came with this house… It was soooo nasty that I would barely even put stuff down on the counters!  So anyways after chatting back and forth.. see convo below :)

That’s so awesome. Thanks! The main problem is that the room is really crooked and the floor slanted by a lot. The entire thing needs to be gutted, then re-insulated and sheet rocked basically. Everytime someone comes to give us an estimate its really pricey and they have another idea for cabinet layout or uncovered another issue that leads us to rethink the design. Also the house is small and quirky and can’t stand (re-sale) a huge renovation. So, not only do we have a tight budget anyway but it’s being used up on unseen foundation stuff! We’re having to compromise everywhere and we don’t know what to do!!!! Lastly, we don’t really know what we want ha! all I know is I’ve been living with a crappy galley kitchen and without our plates and cups etc (still in boxes) for 7months now and I’m losing my shit!!!

You DO need to make the house safe and functional for you all to live in.. so if that means to tear out the kitchen and re do it, you should.  Yes you should make sure that you do not OVERSPEND… if you dont think the house would benefit from it in re-sale.. but also dont look at doing something like the kitchen or bathrooms as a bust, they are NOT and they WILL sell your home if they are nice, tasteful, and you dont need to go overboard to get something that looks good and nice.. also, you most likely did not buy this home with the intent to flip it and make $$$ if you plan to live there for a long time you will most likely see a return on your investment, or at least break even when you DO sell it one day… I look at all the projects we do in our home as a way to benefit our lives, yes I think they will all help if we ever sell, but I dont do anything I do just for that purpose.. or NOT do something for that matter.. I do it cause I want to. I plan to live here till Im old and gray!
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