Toddler bed transition


Well, we did it.  We have a little girl in a big girl bed :)  We actually transitioned R. over to her toddler bed about a week before christmas.  It all started one afternoon when baby bird started crying hysterically after not sleeping for 45mins in her crib at nap time. This had been going on and off for a few weeks, but I randomly said that afternoon when I was sad she was crying – “Do you want to go and sleep in Daddy’s office bed?” and she said YES! So I told her that she wasnt allowed to get out of the bed and she could sleep in there… Low and behold, 3hrs later, she was still in the bed, all cozy and warm.  This went on for about 2 more weeks, on and off – sleeping in our bed, the office bed, my moms house… During that time I struggled with getting her a double, a standard twin, or using this ikea toddler bed frame I bought off FB from another mom.  I opted not to transform her crib to a toddler bed as we knew we would need it for the next baby and I wanted to make it an easier transition.  In the end, after a trip to Ikea we decided the toddler bed was the best fit and I had my cousin put it together and set it up in her room. Oddly, after sleeping the 1st night soundly in her bed, the following day she requested her crib at naptime (which was still in her room in its original spot) So, the crib she went.  That night, we moved the crib and put the bed in its place – and we never had to look back!  2 weeks later, the crib left the room and an adorable mirrored dresser took its place.  Thankfully we have had little issues with her being the bed.  It wasnt until 2 days ago that she started to get up in the morning (530am) and come to our room to greet us.  This is something we now need to work on…

But a few tips I took from other moms as well as learned along the way.

-put the bed in the SAME place as the crib once was. It is a feeling of comfort, and keeps the change to a minimum.  If possible, keep to the same crib blanket you were using, etc..

- keep to the exact same routine, just because it is a bed does not mean you should start to sleep in it with them – because you can.

- make the bed VERY exciting, we did A LOT of playing in the bed during the day, and hanging out in her room before nap/bedtime, we made EVERYONE go and see her new bed, blanket, pillow, etc..

- once there is a comfort level with the bed, go out and buy bedding they will LOVE, add that to the excitement, R. LOVES her new “heart blanket and pillow” she showed everyone that would let her.

- for us, we needed to take ALL TOYS and almost all her books out of her room at first… we are slowly bringing things back.. when she had stuff in her room she was too excited to sleep and played with them.  Same goes for stuff in her bed.  she now does not have ANY extra dolls, toys in her bed.

- talk to them about waking up in the morning.  Every night we would tell R. NOT to get out of bed, but to call for us and we would come get her… this worked VERY well (until 2 days ago!).

No matter when you do this, or how you do it.. eventually they WILL sleep in the bed.. just be kind, dont get angry, and if they are the type of kiddo that DOES get up and out of bed, calmly, quietly, nicely walk them back to bed over and over again until they realize that you are not giving in.

Here are some before and after photos of her room.




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