Inspiration Design Board: Japanese Inspired Tea Room


There’s something about Japanese furniture I like. It’s simple and beautiful at the same time. I’m also a big fan of tea and there are many cultures that are big on tea including the Japanese. They are so serious about tea that traditionally they have a dedicated area for tea ceremonies. Their tea houses can be a separate building from the rest of the house that houses a tea room called the chashitsu. You can read more about the tea houses on Wikipedia. I’d love to have a room in my home dedicated to tea where I could just sit, relax and enjoy with guest. So, with tea in mind and the Japanese, I decided to scour the internet for Japanese inspired tea rooms for this week’s inspiration design board.

Traditionally, a Japanese tea room would really have no furniture. Hosts and guests would just sit on a simple mat with cushions (called zabuton) in the room on the floor to enjoy tea together. That doesn’t give us much inspiration for a design board, so I found something that is modern yet traditional in this room designed by John Lum Architecture.

In the photo on the left, it’s a traditional tea room, but with a few decorations that a true traditional tea room might not have such as the painted scroll, the plate display, the modern door and the ceiling light. In the photo on the right, you now see a table. Isn’t it brilliant? It’s a “pull up” table – you just pull it up from the floor! Of course, the table would not be in a traditional Japanese tea room nor would the space below the table for resting your legs, but I just love the ingenious design making it a modern feature.

Here’s what I found for decor you could use for a tea room.

I might just need to clean out my family room (currently just storage) and make it a japanese inspired tea room. What a great way to relax and enjoy tea and music. Do you have an area in your home you’d love to decorate to serve tea to your guests (or just for you to enjoy daily)? Share it with us by emailing We’d love to hear from you.

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