Inspiration Design Board: Kid-Friendly Backyard


With summer in full swing, it’s always nice to spend some time in the backyard especially if you’ve built your beautiful outdoor kitchen. If you have children, you should remember to make your backyard kid-friendly also. But it doesn’t mean you have to give up beauty to function. Combining the two will allow the whole family to enjoy your backyard oasis together.

I found this sample landscape design from Conservation Garden Park that provides a nice option to combine both aesthetics and usability.

Here’s the guide they provided for their kid-friendly (and eco-friendly) plant suggestions:

The beautification piece covered, let’s move onto the kid play areas and equipment. There were so many companies to choose from it was hard to just pick a few. Many of the companies all provide standard and custom built options. Here are some playsets we think your kids will love.


Do you have a kid-friendly backyard? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment. You can also share your kid-friendly backyard with us by emailing

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