Inspiration Design Board: Mini-Entryway Mudroom Wall


I’ve been thinking about a putting in a mudroom into my home. The only problem is, the room we can transform into a mudroom doesn’t exit to the frontyard or backyard. Since we can’t have a full blown mudroom, we’re considering a simple entry way mudroom near the front door for guests, but in my search, I also stumbled over this mini mudwall.

Ok, so it’s not what people consider a mudroom, but hey, that’s why it’s called a mini-entryway mud-wall. I found this on BHG.

It’s simple and effective. You can make it into what you need. Here are some suggestions on this mini-wall:

  • Don’t put the bulletin board on the bottom if you have children in the house – little hands can reach the pins and that’s a safety no-no.
  • Move the bulletin board to the top above the wooden cabinet – this will allow you to post notes or lists for the entire family
  • Move the top rack in the photo to the middle – right below the wooden cabinet
  • Put in more tin bins (as seen upper left) for mail sorting – one bin for each family member

Now for the goods… what I found similar to the items above the majority can be found at Ikea:

If you want to buy an entire roll of cork you can take a look at Manton Cork.

After searching through for similar items, I also found these alternatives from Container Store:

What do you think of the mini entryway mudwall? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment. Do you have a mudwall in your home? We’d love to see it, just email us at

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