Link Love 4/8/11


Today’s link love showcases MOSTLY photo collage examples that I am into… however, I also REALLY loved this one reclaimed wood wall project ~ so I had to share it with you as well! :) Happy Friday everyone!! Tomorrow is my best friend’s big 3-0 so everyone give a shout out to my girl Courtney! LOVE YOU!

Link Lovin’ time!

But 1st… a photo from my photo collage wall in our condo :) I decided to hang a collect of some images both past and present.. they include photos of both our parents (pre-us) my grandparents on their wedding day in Poland as well as some images of our beloved pooch Mr. Wickett-Monkey and a print or 2 that we enjoy + we needed to hide our electrical panel which was in the WORST spot! So the matador print fit PERFECTLY!  BTW, click the “read more” botton to see my Link Lovin’ picks of the week!

2nd… From Under the Sycamore I just LOVED her simple wall photo collage! She did her’s starting from her 1st born’s ultrasound and worked her way upwards to the most recent photos..this way if she ever wanted to add on, in time order, it would be easy! Love it!

#3 Features the funky wall of framed lovely-ness featured on re-nest of the refurbished seaside house… I really like the eclectic collection of framed images, pantings, fabric, signs..etc…

Image by: Leela Cyd Ross

Next up, I came across this blog called Family Photo Wall Display that all they do is photo wall collage suggestions and so on.. it was pretty neat! Here is just a snippet from one of their entries.


Ok, Last up.. and completely un-related but gorgeous none the less! Is from The Lettered Cottage.. I am just IN LOVE with the reclaimed wood flooring they put on their reading room wall!  I am in love with the idea of using reclaimed flooring, beams, all types of this stuff and plan to try and use as much as we can in our new place (if we ever get to close!).  So enjoy!!! and have a great weekend!

If you have any links you love.. collage wall, reclaimed wood uses, or anything else that inspired you please feel free to leave your Link Love below so we can all see and be inspired! XO ~ S

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