Living With Color: Adding Color to the Bathroom


Life without color is unimaginable for me. Color livens our lives. It gives us perspective. Color is simply put – wonderful.

Color is a part of everything in our lives and we shouldn’t be afraid of coloring our homes too. This week’s Living With Color gives your perspective on adding color to your bathroom.

Whether it’s coloring things like the sink or a splash on the wall.

Adding a row of tiles along the wall.

Color can be added to any bathroom without making it too dark… it’s just a matter of balancing dark with light. Whether it’s natural light from a window or adding mirrors to your ceiling to bounce light off the walls.

It’s do-able… don’t be afraid to add color to any room.

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Category: Living With Color

  • Carl Darby

    Superb pics of the bathroom.Its really looking unique & stylish.You have done a great job by sharing this post with us.I would like to read your more updates.Keep them coming.

  • albion bath company

    I must say that it’s a wow.  They really are so impressive.