Living with Color: Color Your Stairs with BHG Online Color-a-Room Tool


It’s Thursday here at TLH and you know it’s the day we live with color. Rather than pick a color to feature this week, we’ve decided to use an online color tool to show how the feel of a room can change with the color you choose. This week’s color tool is BHG’s Color-a-Room. You need to create an account to access the tool, but it’s free and pretty easy to use. This color tool provides stock photos of rooms to choose from. From there you pick the part of the room you want to paint, then pick a color and you’ll instantly see the paint you’ve chosen refresh onto the image. Loads of colors to test out.

Here’s the stock photo of the stairs provided by the system.

We chose a variety of colors for the walls while leaving everything else stock, but you can still see how color changes the look and mood of stairs.

Colors (left to right):

  • Row 1: basic-green-104 vs basic-yellow-orange-503
  • Row 2: valspar-Sumatra-blend vs valspar-whipped-strawberry
  • Row 3: valspar-Linden vs valspar-lyndhurst-gallery-beige


We also chose some patterns in different colors for the same set of stairs to illustrate the mood change.

Patterns (left to right):

  • Row 1: checks-061c vs checks-065c
  • Row 2: checks-110b vs pattern-checks-042c


What mood do you feel after seeing each color? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment. If you’ve tried using the BHG Color-a-Room tool we’d like to hear about your experience also. Do you have stairs at home you were either thinking about refreshing with color or have already done so? We’d love to hear about it. Email us at

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