Living With Color: Shade Options in Choosing Brown Paint


So many paint options out there from company to company. Today, we decided to feature some color chips in a variety of brown shades we like from the Behr color chart.

I’m particularly fond of earth tone colors. Brown in particular is a nice color that some people might not consider using in their home due to the conception of how dark brown can be. But with so many shades and hues available nowadays you can make/find that perfect shade for you.

With these color chips, you can choose lighter shades of brown like winter cocoa and prestige that lean toward a darker than tan look. Or even go mid-ground by painting one wall in your room with Sweet Truffle then paint the remaining three walls a shade of ivory.

On the bottom row, you can choose browns that have a slight tint of another color with Tawny Port and it’s slight look of red or a little brown/grey in Bear Rug.

Whichever way you look at it, there are so many more options present day than there used to be. Have some fun! Pick up color chips and tape them to your wall. Or better yet – buy small samples to paint onto your wall to see what you like and don’t like. The possibilities are endless.

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