3 Reasons to Have a Playroom at Home


I’ve been thinking a lot about our playroom at home. Yep… we have one. But, the reason I’ve been thinking about it is because a lot of our friends don’t have one. While friends have been saying they wish they had a playroom, I’ve been staring at the playroom for the last few months thinking I have to finish it.

Before I get into my reasons for having a playroom, I want to put it out there I realize a playroom isn’t exactly a necessity when you’re planning for a baby in your life. It’s probably the last thing that would come to mind.

For us, we always knew we wanted a playroom in our house and had to think about making space for one. Let’s face it when you have kids the last thing you can really spare is space. But, we’re one of the lucky few since we live in a house and not an apartment with just the two of us we had exactly one room to spare for our playroom.

So, let’s say you have the space at home for a playroom, but you’re not really sure you want one or if you want to make it into an office or an entertainment room of some sort. Here are three reasons why I think you should have a playroom.

  1. De-clutter the rest of the house – No more mess in every room you walk into. Basically, you don’t have to worry about how much cleaning you need to do in the living room, your bedroom, the basement, etc. Having a playroom allows you a breathe of air and leave the messiness in one room.
  2. Playdates are easier – When you invite friends over who have kids or your kids friends, they can automatically go into one room to play. Kids go to the playroom. Adults can stay in the living room and have a decent conversation without all the crazy screaming. NOTE: DO NOT LEAVE YOUR KIDS ALONE IN THE PLAYROOM IF YOU DON’T HAVE A VIDEO MONITORING SYSTEM SET UP IN THE ROOM WHERE YOU AND OTHER PARENTS CAN MONITOR THEM FROM ANY ROOM.
  3. Your kids will love you – really… they will love you. They’ll always want to be in the playroom. It’ll be their favorite room. They won’t think about how bored they are or how much they want to watch TV.

My son loves the playroom. He always wants to play there. Whenever people come to visit, he grabs their hand and pulls them up to the playroom. And most importantly he loves to share his playroom with friends when they come to visit. They don’t just plop in front of the TV and they all enjoy coming over to be in the playroom.

For me, it’s just great knowing that after a full day or playing or a playdate, I don’t necessarily need to clean up right away because it’s all contained in one room. Most of the time, I don’t do the cleaning because my son and his friends seem to have come to the conclusion they need to clean up after playing before they all go home. Bonus!

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