Rita Likes: Craft Office Spaces


I’m a big crafts person – as in arts & crafts. I come from a family line of fashion people from manufacturing to design, so growing up I was always making things and sewing. I grew to appreciate handmade things. Being a craft person I have a lot of stuff. A – lot. Things accumulate over time. I’m always looking at magazines for how people store their crafts or on websites that feature people’s crafts areas. So, this week, I thought I’d share with you some of the craft areas I like.

This first space is from Urban Home Magazine. I’m liking all the enclosed storage shelving. Keeps this small space less cluttered. Additionally, I like the use of the island as a extra crafting “creative” space.

These two rooms are both from BHG. On the left, using class doors for the shelving allows you to see what’s inside without opening the doors. You have to keep everything tidy to prevent it from looking scattered, but it’s a nice way to display what you have in your craft office space. On the right, I like the use of the peg board. You can’t see it directly because it’s painted the same color as the wall to help it blend in. It’s a nice way to keep organized without needing boxes or too much shelving.

HGTV has this craft space. I like the use of the wood slate wall paneling. It allows for placement of shelves at different heights without needing to drill holes into the wall.

Do you have a craft office space at home? We’d love to see it, email us at stacey@thislovelyhome.com.

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