Thanksgiving Crafts for the Kids


Wowza! Thanksgiving is tomorrow. You’re probably already preparing dishes or you’re like me and just not grocery shopping. With all the craziness going on for  the holidays, don’t forget about the kiddos! They can certainly help you prepare meals and, of course, dessert. Because we all know dessert is the real reason everyone loves Thanksgiving. But there’s also the question of how to entertain the kids during the course of the day. For this, I lean on crafts. I’m a huge proponent of arts and crafts.

So, today, I wanted to share some crafts you can do with the kids during the course of the day:

How cute are these Turkey Trivia Place Card from Martha Stewart Living? Can always count on Martha. Have fun and teach the kids about Thankgiving. Just need paper, scissors, paper fastener and the template.

These finger puppets are so cute! Also from Martha Stewart Living.

Who doesn’t love popcorn? Make these corn cups on the cob from and pop in a movie.

Help you kids make their own turkey – a hand-feet turkey. I found this tutorial on Kaboose. Trace their hands onto paper and tape them together. Check out the tutorial for details.

Thanksgiving Crafts for the Kids

Thanksgiving puzzles can always be fun. Use their intellect while having fun with the puzzles on activity village.

Happy Thanksgiving! Have a great one.

Rita is a weekly guest blogger here at This Lovely Home. You can usually find her blogging at Yippy Momma.


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