The very 1st entry!


Hello All! 

We are Stacey, Morgan and Wickett (our 4 legged Brusselie Babie dog) we all live together in our 1st place in Northern NJ in a condo that we ended up purchasing via a real estate auction (more on that later!).  We recently decided to purchase a bigger place a bit more North that we are currently working on fixing up to fit our lifestyle and our personal taste.

We’ve decided to start this blog as a place that people can come to learn about home buying, renovations, DIY projects, advice on places we have found both local and not and also to see how we take on renovation projects and ways for you to be able to achieve what we have as well!

A bit about us!

Morgan and I met back in 06 while living in New York City through a small website you might have heard of called and even though we are probably as different as different could be we seem to be a good fit! Morgan, originally from Ohio has a laid back, casual approach to life, while I on the other hand a born and raised Jersey girl with a type A personality.  Currently in addition to writing this blog, taking on DIY projects in our current place, and enjoying life we both have full time jobs.. M. is a computer engineer for a company called and I own my own photography biz;

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